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What are you doing for Valentine's Day?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by carvercasey, Jan 23, 2010.

  1. Valentine's Day is Feb. 14, just a week away. Almost everyone has a great Valentine's Day story or two (be it a "best ever" or a "worst ever" - feel free to share either way), and some people start planning for it months in advance. And then of course, there are those who think of Valentine's as just another Hallmark Holiday, used to separate their money from their wallets... Question: What are your plans for Valentine's Day this year?

  2. Here's my story -- why is it always about the ho's ?

    I will eat my hate the day the lame stream media stops trying to shame men into doing something for women on this day.

    Just once I would like to see and ad aimed at women along the lines of

    "New 2010 Suzuki GSR 1000 -- why ? --- because he deserves it ! Jenny bought her man one -- is she a better woman than you are ? "

    or some shit like that to shame women into doing something for men.

    geezus christ I wish the male species would man-up, realise that pussy power is just YOU giving up your masculinity and and just say -- hey beotch you want my company - then you better pay for it.
  3. Not married then?
  4. This Val Day ill be nursing a set of ringing ear drums and a serious Hang over...We have ACCA DACCA tickets for the night b4 woot woot!

    I have 2 tickets that arent spoken for as yet so if anyone is interested PM me ;)
  5. Quit ya bitching, march 14th, ( <-- yep, third one down) is Steak and BJ day. Embrace it.

    As to answer the OP's question - RG#2 remains at large, so probably nothing...!! 8-[
  6. A week away? Counting isn't exactly your strong point is it! :p
  7. Mischiefmaka l envy you, l want to see AC/DC and Wolfmother soooo much.
    But for Valentine's day this year fingers crossed my wife would of had our first child by the 10th of Feb. So l am going to be in la la land with the two most important people in my world. I cant wait, l love Valentine's l am a bit of a romantic at heart.
  8. Was thinking the same thing...

    It's also Lunar New Year on the 14th...so there might be some tough competition for getting seats at restaurants if you want to take your loved one out.
  9. I will be having wild untamed sex.
    Wait I'm married, scratch the above comment.
  10. Valentine's Day is just a marketing ploy by greeting card companies. It's a complete wank.

    And as a woman I find the emphasis placed on Valentine's Day by females as a blackmail for sex and a quantifier for their worth in a relationship quite cringeworthy.

    Maybe I'm just old and cranky (and married) :)
  11. Same thing I do most nights: Nothing.
  12. Spending a bit of it with the number one girl in my world who will be 6 months old at that stage..... and hopefully serving divorce papers to her mother.
  13. Ride for the hills, for me.

    She can please herself....
  14. Put a single rose on her seat/tank.
  15. Taking my mrs to Surfers Paradise for the weekend for a shag fest, renting a Harley on the Sunday and doing a coastal run, stop at a few cafes and so on :)
  16. Wow, we're a romantic lot here at NR, aren't we?

    Personally I don't think much of the concept of V-Day (apologies to anyone old enough for that to mean something else) but the missus definitely does, so path of least resistance is for me to make some sort of effort. Problem is I'm going in for knee surgery this Friday, so I'm going to be incapacitated for the next week or so...
  17. I will definately have our first baby in my hands by then, so I guess feeding, burping, changing nappies and wondering how to stop the crying will be our Valentine's Day 2010. :-s :eek: \\:D/ :woot:

    I don't get into the whole "spend money to show you love me at over-inflated prices on a specified day of the year" thing. In fact, Jay has received more flowers from me than I have from him :wink: We're so romantic...proposal on a four day bike ride, honeymoon in Tas for a week on the bikes....I always make him something he really likes on the 'big' days.
  18. No

    my view as a male is as expressed by blogger christianj

    Why are you still paying for dates ?
    Want to know what the sad and sorry excuse is for men paying for the freeloaders meal ?

    Men actually believe they have to pay for the privilege of having that self-serving female's attendance..

    What Men refuse to understand is that she has been sitting at home doing "nuthing" but polishing her nails and scraping her skin to remove all matter of hair, eyebrows, armpits, the Brazilian update, legs, etc.....

    She has been waiting for the phone call...so she is as desperate as you....

    So why are you paying again ???

    She makes as much money as you, even more....why are you paying, again ?

    Why you being the sucker... ?

    I did this 20 years ago...you want food ? you pay for it yourself...end of subject !

    Why are men being such suckers...what are you paying for ?
  19. its considered good manners to at least offer. it makes you at least seem like a generous person rather than bitter and stingy.

    if i take a friend out for dinner i offer to pay, if they accept usually they offer to pay for coffee and dessert, or the movie or whatever.
  20. Okay this is your choice I respect that

    personally I am a 100 % egalitarian inapproach