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What are you currently working on as a rider

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by sucram, Apr 23, 2008.

  1. Not really for anyone specific...

    Currently I have been back to basic's with vision but there are some other things that I have been working on for a while.
  2. This last week, defrosting 6-months-unused motorcycle handling skills, regaining confidence in lean angles and cornering posture, evasive maneuvering - most of all, getting used to my very new best friend, the Tiger 1050. :)
  3. I'm concentrating on my cornering, working on the basics, and getting over my fear of leaning. I hope to do a spur run for the first time Friday :)
  4. road riding, (ie reading roads corners and off course that includes cornering skills) etc. ....oh and the odd wheelies too :LOL:
  5. getting my knee down, wearing only footy shorts.
  6. Unfortunately I'm still working on getting a bike :?
  7. lol. I know the feeling. Took me a couple of months to get mine. But the wait is worth it.

    As for what I'm working on. Knee down action. And trying to keep the temptation to buy my mates R1 as far away as possible. So hard thou.......
  8. fast right hand turns. i can go left quite well (almost knee down) but right kinda sucks for me. on the way to work there are quite a few very nice moderate speed left handers and on the way back the equivilant right handers suck. so i have gotten better at left corners at a far more rapid rate than right handers
  9. not dying while getting to work/home.
  10. Nice idea for a thread. :)
    Working on braking this week. Was working on "observation" and prioritisation of hazards last week.
  11. I'm currently trying to concentrate on lane position - making sure I am not in people's blind spots. Sometimes I think if I speed up to get in front of a car that has come up beside me so that they can see me, they think I am trying to race them. Just generally trying to make sure I have a good space cushion around me (that and the million other things I need to think of when I'm riding!) :grin:
  12. I'll save you the trouble and say its not worth it, the time it takes to heal is a biatch.

    What im working on...hmm

    Well im currently working on getting my elbow down and to drag my knees in the wet, Nearly there on both accounts!
  13. Just a few small points:
    - Beating Melbourne's drivers into submission using my *tsk* *tsk* finger motion.
    - Obtaining enough funds to have the most pimpiness old skool CBR.
    - Dodging bumper bars and side panels.
    - Becomming more in tune to what the bike is actually doing.
  14. Unlearning the past 12 months.
    Rear brake!
  15. corner entry speed & wheelies.
  16. Smoother gear changes - shiftless
    cornering tighter
    using the engine effectively in braking smoothly
    slow speed manouvering

    well - just about anything I can think of really - always trying something new..

    Now what is with the "trailing the rear brake during tight cornering" about? I feel more research coming on for that one.

  17. Taking off into a corner without stalling :(
  18. What, using it or NOT using it Devotard, I'm interested :).

    With nearly two weeks of consistent rain in the Sydney/Wollongong area, I'm working on just getting the bike out of the garage :LOL:.

    But seriously, I'm STILL working my way back to a decent level of confidence after the accident over a year ago. Notably getting my braking done and getting OFF the brakes as early as possible so as to be as quick as I can out of the corner....
  19. unlearning basically everything i got taught when riding on the track and on the road-- im learning right now how to do clutch up 1st gear wheelies around 10km to balance point- using rear brake adequately. man its hard, body position and balance is everything. :)