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What are you canberra blokes complaining about?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Ljiljan, Sep 8, 2010.

  1. Heading to Brindabella Valley yesterday I had the chance to sample some of ACT's finest. And doesn't it just leave Sydney begging.

    Without a doubt, Brindabella rd shines, constant tight bends and switchbacks with good visibility going on for 20 or so km's until it hits the dirt. If you take a shine to the dirt road business it gets even better heading over the ranges. On the way back, the corners getting progressively tighter heading down the hillside twists its way down into a tight technical nugget of a section finally throwing you out onto the generous sweeps of Cotter road back up the hill, a grand finish to a day. The surface is pretty decent too.

    Unfortunately I didn't have the opportunity to head south from cotter dam, leaving tales of further gold undiscovered for someone else to tell.

    Certainly better than anything within easy reach of Sydney.

  2. You won't hear me complaining about the roads around here. Generally speaking, the road surfaces are pretty good and traffic is not really an issue, even on the weekends. There is something for everyone, plenty of straights, wide open sweeping bends, tight twisty stuff, lots of dirt options (so I'm told, I don't have a dirt bike... yet), and you rarely encounter Mr Plod \\:D/

    The only things to watch out for are cyclists in the mornings, wildlife at other times, ice/snow during winter, and if you're really unlucky one of our brethren overcooking things and running wide into your lane :-s
  3. I didnt know we were complaining?
  4. we weren't complaining - its the rest of the country complaining about Canberra
  5. I vaguely recall some people speaking of the lack of proper twisty roads in canberra/ACT. Could be wrong.
  6. I did enjoy being an FIV Driver for Rally of Canbera a couple of years ago having to drive on some of those gravel forestry tracks.
  7. What were you riding?