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What Are Those Poms up to Now?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Hipster Doofus, Nov 20, 2009.

  1. Look out if your on a ride taking the lead.

    "Motorcyclists at the head of a group of riders will face stiffer penalties for speeding under a crown court ruling.

    Clark said: “This should have been three points and a £60 fine but so far it’s cost me £2,500 including solicitors’ bills and I have six points on a licence which has been clean for the last 24 years.”

    Gary Baldwin, former police motorcyclist and co-director of advanced riding school Rapid Training, said: “It's a dangerous precedent to suggest you are now responsible for someone who's in control of another vehicle.""

    Full Story.
  2. The prosecution accept that they can't prove he exceeded 85mph, but the court just says "Eh" and does him for whatever it feels like anyway?

    How high do you need to appeal these days to get justice from the law instead of shafted by some wanker judge's discretion in the face of legal process?

    The lesson is: fake your plates and run.
  3. Seems pretty stupid to me...

    Scenario (and common): your leading a learners ride, doing the speed limit. Advanced riders over take learners and speed to be corner markers etc. You get done for there speeding.

    My Arse.

    I doubt this will hold up. But if it does, it'll only cause chaos...
  4. no plates day is coming. who's with me. a whole day of every motorcyclist in australia leaving their plates and licence at home
  5. Or cover them with a Guy Fawkes mask.
  6. England is solidly placed on the list of "Countries I will never in my future set foot in". Police-run nanny state shithole, and we're on the path to be just like them. How about we get our shit in gear and fix our country before it ends up as bad as theirs?
  7. That's funny! Do you know the most over governed, over regulated country? It's here, the place where people with nothing better to do declare things illegal in order to save the kids.

    When the UK started getting serious about speed enforcement, there is a reason they named it 'Operation Victoria' and it was nothing to do with lingerie.
  8. You know there's something wrong with the world when you can't blame the Americans anymore. :(
  9. Oh don't get me wrong, we've got our fair share of stupid bullshit (and it's getting worse), but at least we're still allowed to use step ladders in libraries, and we don't have CCTV covering everything, with the police admitting it doesn't help. Or for that matter, at least we're not doing DNA profile stockpiling, etc. That having been said, our government is almost as completely out of control and needs to be stopped.
  10. CCTV is a major subject in the UK and the Police admit that it doesn't stop crime, but it does contribute to a lot of convictions so to say it doesn't help is a little of a misnomer. Step Ladders in Libraries sounds like a Daily Mail beat up, of a policy to cope with people falling off them and suing which is hardly a problem only in the UK.

    The DNA database issue is currently being codified in the UK and is likely to cover only very serious crimes and then only for 3 - 5 years... strangely I cannot find anything on the Australian policy for managing it's database...

    The UK may have it's problems and it's no nirvana but at least I'm not forced to vote if I don't want to and don't get fined if drive my car without my licence on me.
  11. Yet... :)

    I don't mind the voting part. It is better than the system in the UK where a general election with a turnout of more that 40% is considered a major success and where a party can obtain government with a voting base of 35% (10-20% of the electorate). At least here, you have to have a say. 15min once every 3-4yrs on a Saturday morning is not too high a price to pay.

    DNA database issue is more than you state. There are major concerns about it, the fact that even if found innocent the state can keep your records on file. They are currently considering a system where you can apply to have those records removed, hardly an advance.

    There is also proposal for every ISP and telecoms provider to maintain a record of every email, web site, sms and telephone conversation, ostensibly to fight terrorism. Except that councils are using this legislation currently to enforce fly tipping, rubbish bin complaints, noisy dogs etc..
  12. Perhaps I didn't make myself clear yes currently they can do what they like with it. But the issue has been raised now and it would seem that they are aiming for the Scotish system.
  13. np. I prefer it here though, for all its faults and issues, still (imo) a better place to live.
  14. To be honest it wasn't a dig at Australia. But I get a bit sick of this bizarre vision some people have of the UK.

    As to where's the better place to live, I seen nothing that would make me not want to go back, but on the other hand I'm quite happy here and I've just laid out the money to get my citizenship done finally.
  15. +1

    I moved here in 96 and find on my occasional trips to the UK that it seems less and less like somewhere I'd want to live. Too cramped, too busy and the people just seem (to me) to be utterly miserable. But it's where I spent 29yrs of my life, so it will always be special.
  16. Uhuh. Where's my ghostrider suit...
  17. Is that the case in NSW? Here in Vic it is the case for Learners carrying their learner permit (And the accompanying driver carrying their licence) and "P" platers carrying their probationary licence when driving. I didn't realise that you didn't have to carry a licence in the UK when driving as reading Road Traffic Act 1988 I found this: http://www.statutelaw.gov.uk/conten...276534&ActiveTextDocId=2276811&filesize=62939

    Regarding the powers of Constables to require the production of a driving licence.
  18. I know it's the case in NSW because I've been fined for it. In the Uk you get a "producer" to present it at a nominated police station I always thought it was 14 days but according to that it's 7.
  19. Were you driving on your UK licence or a NSW licence?
  20. NSW licence. If I'd used the UK one I may have got away with it.