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N/A | National What are they talking about at the March 2011 Australian road safety conference?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by robsalvv, Feb 18, 2011.

  1. The 2011 Road safety conference is on next month. These are the folks looking into making the roads fatality free.

    Anyone interested in the immediate future of the road system and heavy vehicle regulation, should have a look at the agenda.


    The second day is interesting for those keeping tabs on vision zero and safe systems topics.

  2. CASE STUDY: Kilometre-based insurance as a road safety measure

    * Ensuring those who pose the greatest risk of damage pay the higher premiums – The argument for using GPS technology for kilometre-based insurance schemes

    So if you do a lot of driving/riding you pay more, and if you only drive to the shops and back once a week, but take out the fence 1 in 10 trips, you pay less..
  3. Yeh I spotted that too. The payment model is already on offer by various insurance companies, but the GPS is new and should have civil liberties folks concerned.
  4. Bring in mandatory GPS and speed camera's become redundant. I've been waiting for an ADR that says 110kph maximum speed.
  5. Holy shit. Having your movements monitored (outside of work) for your 'safety' can't lead anywhere good as a precedent. How is that not being laughed out of the room?!
  6. You missed by 10kph


    Restrict cars to 120km/h top speed, says crash body

    Vehicles will be encouraged to fit speed limiters and alcohol interlocking devices as part of a radical overhaul of the Australasian New Car Assessment Program.

    Australia’s only independent crash test organisation will encourage car makers to fit controversial new technologies such as alcohol interlock systems, 120km/h top speeds and smart keys that can change the way the car drives depending on the time of day or driver.
  7. What about the fact that people who drive more will be better drivers through increased experience on the roads? NAH **** IT TAX EVERYONE MORE