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What are these clamps called?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Steamfrog, Feb 21, 2011.

  1. Could someone please tell me what these types of clamps are called and maybe were to get them in Sydney or online.


  2. google says they're cobra clamps
    EDIT: scrap that
    snap fit clamps?
  3. Do you really need to use what I assume are OEM single use clamps when there's a jubilee clip available in every size imaginable?
  4. Just measure the diameter of your hose and get a band or jubilee clam from any hardware. It will be a hell of a lot cheaper than an OEM product from a bike shop.
  5. Thanks for the replies. I'll go get some clamps today
  6. They're called "nipple clamps".
    Be sure to be very specific, and very loud, when requesting them ;).
  7. hahaha - Yeah and I can only get them from the tool shed on oxford street right?
  8. Maybe. You never know what you might get in a tool shed on Oxford street.
  9. There's a store in Melbourne called Eagle Leather that can supply all your clamp and Harley riding needs, I can pass on a link to their website, all supposing it's needed :bolt:
  10. Those clamps are a standard Harley part.
  11. I've always known them as Hose crimps and they mostly stock them in imperial sizes so check your sizes : 1/4, 3/16 etc