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What are the 400 - 700cc posties?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by mattb, Nov 14, 2006.

  1. Looking for opinions. Am thinking about buying a middle weight bike, 400-700cc, which could meet the criteria my old postie used to meet.

    *cheap purchase price $1500-2000, with good engine and body (ie no more to spend, except of course tyres and disks)

    *Bullet proof

    *Cheap to repair, with a simple motor

    While looks matter, I'm prepared to sacrifice them for something meeting these needs. The postie cost me $17 in two and a half years, the GT is costing a lot lot more in work needed, and exceeding my (student) means, which will remain meagre for at least the next couple of years. The postie was originally chosen as transport because it is cheap and bullet proof, as was the SR that succeeded it, but the joy of riding means I now, these days, need a middle-weight, but one that is practical for my income. Stylistically I'm a classic road bike and cruiser fan, but I'm open to any style of bike (am even thinking dual purpose might fit it - I'll just have to ride it, not look at it :( besides, I love singles)

    So anybody got any advice, any particular bikes to look out for, that can be bought and maintained in answer to these criteria? What are the posties of the middle-weights?


  2. There was a bike from the late 80's that I contemplated a while ago. They're hard to find, buit if you can find a Honda NT650 go for it. They are basically a big Spada/VTR250. I'd pick one up in an instant...
  3. i'd say go the dual sport bike.

    a big air cooled single is going to be one of the more reliable and easy to service options if you want a bit more power. add the beefier frame that you get with dual sport and you should have a pretty reliable bike. just make sure you keep up the regular maintenance.

    (i'm in the process of buying an XT600, in case you're wondering)
  4. There are a few NT's online, buth 400's and 650's. I though about them too. Bikesales or bikepoint is where i saw them.

  5. CB750? Z650? VX800? SR500/XBR500 (hard to find at a budget price)? GS850? GN650?
  6. $2k will put you onto an excellent Z650. Simple, rugged, cheap second hand and NEW reproduction parts. Very grunty donk for the size.
    What needs doing to the GT 550? I remember there's a frame crack issue, what else?
    Seriously, if you learn to do the stuff yourself, the GT 550 won't cost a hell of a lot to maintain/fix, and any bike of that size in that price range is going to need repair/maintenence, I'd consider sticking it out with the GT 550, surely there can't be too much else needs doing?

    Regards, Andrew.