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What are some decent slip on exhausts for a ninja 250r?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Mr Ninja 250r, Feb 13, 2012.

  1. Hey Guys

    want to get a slip on exhaust for my ninja.

    does yoshimura make ninja 250r exhaust slip ons?

    what are some other good brands?

    are there suppliers in SA or Australia wide that stock them?

    so far i have heard two brothers racing and yoshimura to be the best exhausts going around.

  2. someone i know has a full yoshi system on his ninja 250. without the baffle, it is extremely loud and can be heard from a fair distance away.

    i think its the TRC system.
  3. Fixed ;)
  4. lol corrupt....the upside, we can hear him approach when meeting up for rides, so, i'm sure it'll somewhat help in smidsy situations as well.
  5. somewhat agreed ;)
  6. Are wheelies necessary? ;)
  7. Dan Moto, cheap and cheerfull for a cheap and cheerfull motorcycle. No point spedning cubic cash on an Akro or the like.
  8. Hi Cazzo,

    how much roughly are the dan motos?

    i agree with most people within the forum, no point spending big on your first bike.

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  9. geez 130 is bugger all compared to some others at around 400 - 500.

    will have a look into it.

    was it easy to install or did you get it installed?
  10. If you can spin spanners, it's easy as!
  11. anyone have thoughts of the M4 exhaust?
    sounds pretty deep and loud from the youtube videos I've seen but nothing sounds better than being there in person.
  12. +1 for M4, I think it sounds amazing.
  13. M4 is a nice slip on.

    Area P is the best system imo, properly designed full system for not much more than a yoshi trc carbon
  14. Stand back and ask yourself one question. Why spend close to a 1/4 of the entire bikes value on an exhaust and tune to suit, to gain almost no extra power, no better resale and certainly not what's commonly called a nice exhaust note.
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  15. None, waste of money and sound shit

    Spend the money on rider training at HART
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  16. It doesn't matter what slip on you get for the Ninja 250. They all sound the same... Whenever I'm riding, driving, lying in bed listening to the traffic you can always tell when it's a 250 Ninja. Always.
  17. The cheapest, rattiest, loudest one at the wreckers.
  18. What about the Musarri slip on?? Few videos on youtube, seriously considering getting one...

    Stock exhaust sounds so p*ssy.
  19. Have a read of the replies, it's pretty evident that the cheapest option is the most recommended.
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