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TAS What are riding infringements & penalties?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Franky, Jan 29, 2015.

  1. How the #$%& do I find out what the riding infringements and related penalties are in TAS and VIC? I've found handbooks & guides on www.transport.tas.gov.au and www.vicroads.vic.gov.au and all they say is blinding obvious statements like 'speeding is illegal - don't do it'. Obviously the cops don't want us taking calculated risks, but I'm that kinda girl.

    What I want to know is, if I'm doing 10kms over the limit, what penalty am I likely to receive, ie, how many demerit points and what fine? And if I'm doing 20kms? And if I have a BAC? (I'm fully licensed but have 0.00 BAC restriction for 3yrs grrrr)

    Where can I find this level of detail?

  2. Hello
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  3. Here is a pdf of the Victorian road rules.
    To work out the actual amount of fines, you need to look up what current dollar value is placed on one Penalty Unit, and multiply it by the number of units applied to the offence.

    From time to time, new rules and changes are publicised on the Vicroads site.
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    Don't have a BAC. Not worth it.
  5. Thanks Juz, that's exactly what I was after. F :eek:)
  6. Ace, that's really helpful. Cheers.
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    simple you don't drink and ride, drive your car if your car licence allows you a BAC of .049, don't ride the day after a session either. It's your Choice to Drink Drive, there fore its your choice to be a bloody idiot, on your bike that means .001 in your car that means .05 assuming I interpreted your first post correctly.

    edit ::// correction as pointed out by gunissan
  8. A cab, bus or train for the next 3 years for the occasional big nights out is better than catching a cab, bus or train for everything you want to do for probably longer than 3 years or even possible jail time. Self control is going to be needed but it's not a hard ask looking at the consequences.

    Are you only 0.00 for your motorcycle P's and open for your car license? Or are you on the 0.00 restriction for all licenses due to a previous drink driving conviction? if the former then use the car for nights out as long as you stay under 0.05.
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  9. The same way all those other singles who have to be on .00 BAC for 3 years. Why are you any different?
  10. As others suggest regarding BAC, you really need all your faculties to ride, nowhere near the same level of effort required to drive a car. Suggest as others have said, use the car if your gunna have a few. Drinking and riding dont mix well.
  11. Wrong! But please allow me to explain.

    Just a minor correction at first glance, but it is in fact of vital importance. For the holder of a full VIC licence the offence of driving with excess alcohol STARTS at 0.050, that is you are legal to drive at 0.049, you are NOT legal to drive at 0.050 or more. This small difference can have major implications for some people; with prior history etc.
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  12. aaah fair point! I'll edit that