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What are OGGY knobs called overseas?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by u095538, Apr 24, 2009.

  1. Hey all. First post. Wicked site.

    I'm trying to show a mate the awesomeness of OGGY knobs.. but a youtube search gives 4 results. Does anyone know what these are called overseas?

    (I've google'd, wiki'd and searched these forums.. nothing)

    P.S Just got my learner bike. 2006 VTR250 (decision was finalised from all the quality posting here on netrider).. going to pick it up in an hour. Can't wait!
  2. crash knobs
    frame sliders
  3. +1, all the nerds and yanks on the US forums call them frame sliders
  4. Can't go past R&G sliders.
  5. frame sliders - attaches to bike frame
    axle sliders - attaches to wheel axels
    bar ends - attaches to handlebars
  6. LOL. I was like, "What the hell are oggy knobs?"

    But yeah, if they're the things you put on your frames to prevent huge damage in cases of lowslides/tipovers, yeah -- frame sliders. (I'm not from these neck of the woods...)
  7. I think the British lads call them "crash bobbins" sometimes. Funny chaps...
  8. We british types also refer to them as crash bungs... old chap
  9. Long ago, I have vague memories of one of the big manufacturers (possibly Honda) sticking bits on their frames to serve a similar purpose and calling them "bamper dampers".

    I think they may have twigged fairly quickly that it was a bloody stupid name :LOL: .
  10. I think they are spelt as "oggy knobbs" with 2 b's. Not sure if this will make too much difference in a youtube search.


    Also try "ozynob"
  11. woggy knobs

  12. Oggy Knobs are actually the brand name not what the product is called. They are actually called anything you want them to be, just make sure you know what the other person will mean when you give it a name.

    E.g. Barkbusters, being in the MC wholesale business I've heard people call all the handguards Barkbusters as a general rule. Some guy in a promotional thing was giving away a set of what he called "Barkbusters" but they where just a cheap knock-off.
  13. OGGY's are a brand name for frame sliders thats all
  14. Oy! I got one of them!! :rofl:
  15. Thanks everyone for your replies. 'Frame sliders' seems to be the most popularly used term, worked a treat. Funnily enough, I still couldn't find exactly the vid I wanted (someone grounding their bike and the frame sliders /clearly/ saving the day).. oh well. I did find this however. LOL youtube dot com/watch?v=fNin0ATI6Zg

    Thanks again for the replies.