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What are my chances of getting my fulls 1 day earlier?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by v-petn, Feb 19, 2010.

  1. Hey guys,

    I'm so eager to get my fulls. I'm allowed to get it on the 21st of Feb which falls on a sunday and no rta is open... What do you reckon my chances of going to the rta tomorrow which is the 20th, and see if i can get my fulls...

    I know it's only another day, and i'm not gonna risk it by riding the bike... but it would be nice to take my new bike for a spin on sun
  2. I tried this with my car license years ago and apparently the system won't let them. But who knows... No harm in trying :p
  3. what are your chances of getting caught on the last day...?
  4. Murphian.
  5. Pretty high that's why I'm not gonna risk it unless i have my fulls... Just curious whether anyone has ever done it...
  6. Just think,come Monday when you can be legal and have a full license, you worried for nuthing.
    24hrs isn't going to kill you
  7. Listen to your heart and just ride it or listen to your head and don't ride it on Sunday.
  8. Ride or don't ride and try the RTA. Chances are they wont/can't do it - its a national organisation, not some guy in a shed you can give a 6-pack to and call it a day.

    What makes it so important to get it one day inadvance anyway? You got some hot babe lined up who wants a ride ey?

    - boingk
  9. lol nah just so eager to take it for a ride... i've waited a whole year so another day is not gonna kill me... just curious
  10. Chances ( considering "the man " and his save you from yourself approach )

    Snowballs in hell
    Fat Chicks at a nudist neach
    Less than being hit by lightning
    Less than winning lottery
    Less than getting eaten by a shark

  11. Or…
    Go out and Party REALY HARD on Saturday night.
    On Sunday you’ll have such a hangover that you won’t want to go anywhere
  12. haha smart man... that's a very good idea
  13. From my experience they are completely inflexible for this sort of stuff - just gotta wait out the weekend.

    FL's idea is a corker - write yourself off and spend Sunday feeling thankful that you haven't wasted a riding day with a hangover.
  14. Then take monday off, get your licence, once everyones in work, you have your favourite roads pretty much to yourself
  15. ohhhhhhhhhhhh everyones in a rush these days