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What are Australian Values?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by MattyB, Sep 23, 2006.

  1. The leader of Australia's main opposition Labor party, Kim Beazley, says people should have to sign up to Australian values before they get a visa to visit.

    Mr Beazley says Australian values of respect for each other, mateship, fairness, freedom and respect for the laws are the front line in the struggle against extremists and terrorists.

    Our reporter, Louise Yaxley, says Mr Beazley argues that instead of waiting until someone applies to become a citizen to sign up to what he calls Aussie values, they should have to agree to respecting Australian values when they apply for a visa to enter the country.

    He says the list should include respect for Australian institutions of democracy and the law, acceptance of different religions and cultures, respect for women and for hard work.

    So, the new way to avoid letting extremists and terrorists into this country is to get them to say 'yes, ok' to a few rules?

    Will thay have to say 'how are ya mate'?

    and what will happen if they agree to these so called values, then enter the country and don't own a BBQ or have a pair of flip flops?! will they be sent back?

    How come we can tell people what to think if they want to enter our country, and how to act - when even our own people don't follow that 'list of australian values'

    How many Australians accept different religions and cultures?

  2. What the heck are flip flops? :shock:

    Whatever happened to thongs....? :grin:
  3. Eh, thongs was the usual, but then g-strings came in, and QLD'ers gave us 'flip flops', or was it the kiwis? someone did.. and i picked it up and ran with it :p
  4. Whare are Australian values. At the time of writing, they're:

    0.75 USD
    87 Yen and
    0.58 Euro
  5. Flip flops is a US term, going back to teh 60's.
    Just more Americanisation of Australia........nothing to see here..........

    Regards, Andrew.
  6. little johny howard made a rule that no one can enter the country without learning our language.

    that has cut the numbers significantly.
  7. In this case I think there should be a distinction made between a hairbrained scheme proposed by a flailing opposition leader(without party support) and a genuine appreciation of what it is(or more appropriately was) to embrace Australian values.

    I think the "Australian values" that everyone is getting so sexed up about could be the values brought across on the first 100 years of immigrant/convict boats, with a determined exclusion of non-English values/customs by the apparatus at the time(first century of Colonisation) eg. chinese workers in the goldfields, turkish immigrants in the interior.

    Sure, Australians prize their ability to snub their nose at authority and the system which is a trait brought over by the convicts. But there is still a large part of the British institutionalised 40's/50's society values that underpin what Australian values are supposed to be. We aren't the poms, but 40 years ago our values were based on a pommy system with an Australian flavour of disobediance/irreverence. Hence the entrenched values of prizing mateship over authority which I think is the greatest part of the mythology of the ANZACs. This mateship theoretically extends to anyone who is Australian - look at Aussies when they meet overseas. You are supposed to look out for your mates ie. other Australians. This implies a less self-centred appreciation of the world around you ie. it is more than just the individual or that individual's family.

    I think another value is being tough, giving things a real hard go and doing a real good job. Look at some of Jimmy Barnes' music - working class hero worship. This may also stem from the convict days. Work hard for 7-14 years under the threat of hanging/cat-o-nine and you might be given a struggling patch of arid farmland to live out your days on. This also extends into the idea of giving people a fair go. Remember that in the first few years of colonisation, the entire colony almost starved to death after some supply ships were lost on the journey from England. The colony was not self-sustaining and was only saved by the arrival of one shipment(was it Flinders on the Supply??? stretching my memory here) and the help of the Iora aboriginal tribe that lived in the Sydney basin. Life was bloody tough but people ie. the poor/convicts, pushed through and thrived.

    For my 2c, I think many of these things, if they aren't already dead, they are on their way out. Beazley might as well say visitors have to agree to use vinyl records instead of CDs for all the good it is going to do. Australia is evolving as a natural result of multiculturalism. And by multiculturalism I don't just mean immigration from countries that don't have English as their primary tongue. I include American culture(if you want to call it that) in this multiculturalism as it is by far the most dominant imported culture and is going a long way to upset what the old guard call traditional Australian values.
  8. Funny bastard, that's what I was gonna say.... :grin:
  9. I gave this some thought a while back and after seaching the net found the following, first on an Aussie Motto and then on Aussie values:

    Quote from my Blog

    “In God we trust” is NOT our national motto it’s the yanks, and personally being an Atheist they can keep it.

    We don’t actually have a national motto but according to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki and I quote

    “If you must know, the Australian motto is "fcuk It All"” not the most relaible source but good enough for me.

    'Typical' Aussie values can be found here, may not be 100% what i think but still good enough for me untill something better comes along:
  10. It came from the mouth of Kim Beazley, that should have been your cue to switch off your ears.

    Question Time on the abc is good for a laugh at times, if you can get past the bullsh!t. And no I dont think the liberals are fantastic, I just prefer people who wish to lead the country to actually supply information like how much these things will cost to implement as it is OUR money they are spending, something the labor party seems unable to do, particularly in regards to cutting tax and its effect on budgets.

    Australian values is a hard thing to learn and one must live here and see it/experience it to learn it I guess.

    English, however, is something they could do to help make it easier on them. Refugees of course would be exempt of that as they didnt make a long thought-out decision. Proper refugees, not "refugees" that go through 7 different countries to get here, the first country they went through they could have lived happily as refugees and probably been able to speak their native language but oh no, on to the next till we find a fantastic place that provides money for free.

    gah, I hate midnight till midday shifts.
  11. My flippant answer is that Australian Values in the current political context is whatever the other bloke ISN'T standing for at the moment

    But Big Kim's biggest problem is that the Prime Minister has already played the "Australian Values" card, and there was only one in the deck....
  12. :WStupid:
  13. steve [who is anti beazly] wrote

    little jonny howard spent SIX BILLION DOLLARS on his last election campaign. that's our money that could av been spent in hospitals and schools. there are much better uses for tax dollars. i don't think any party are good with money and they don't respect the common nobody who has to work hard, pay taxes and are constantly being asked to give money to the heart foundation, the homeless people on the street and the flying drs service, and the guide do g assoc all because the government wont.
  14. It's an old comment but the sad part is it's still true " The trouble with elections is that no matter who you vote for you still end up with a politician" *sigh*.

    About the only redeeming feature of our governing system is it isn't as bad as most other options.

    Sure there are good people trying to do the right thing (and yes on both wings of politics - witness the recent back bench mini rebelion the libs are having), but they mostly get swamped by the party line yobs :(
  15. You said it.

    Half, yes HALF the schools here in Canberra are being shut down because the government can't afford them any more. So tell me... Why do private schools get ANY government funding AT ALL?

    Why haven't our illustious leaders :)rofl:) budgeted for a new bridge at Tharwa? It will now be closed for 3 years because of that, and the people who live there will need to travel an extra 20 minutes to get to work and take their kids to school because of it.

    I think that this "Australian Values" idea isn't so bad. If people want to live here, surely they should be ready to accept our morals and values.
  16. What are Australian values?

    Well as a son of a 6th generation Australian and an immigrant, who grew up in the white bread working/middle class suburbs of Melbourne, went to a state school, went to boy scouts, played footy etc a pretty normal kid. I say these to show my background, draw you own conclusions.

    I say the Australian value is, giving people a fair go.

    That's it it's nothing more than that.

    If this remains our main value then all is right with the world.
  17. seven years ago howard closed down every special needs school in nsw. all the retards and severe dyslexics [many become computer geeks and doctors] are in spastic centre and intergrated into public schools where i am sure they will be tormented.

    private schools shouldn't get more than public if not nothing at all.

    i don't like howards typical 65yr old stigmas. no poofta marriage, special kids are worthless, kids who dont struggle need basket ball court etc
  18. Yeah, I don't either. The Gay Marriage thing is very difficult to sort out, but I'm really disappointed. It means I may never see my best friend get married. If I do, it certainly won't be in Australia.
  19. they will turn around eventually. i think they will come up with a non christian sanctuary.
  20. In response to d stump and sonja, if you hadnt noticed, i think i made it clear either way i didnt give a shit, i personally dont pay any heed to someone that is backed by the unions. i never have, and i have only ever worked the "shit" jobs without union support.

    seriously, had mark latham been elected, would you be better off? and do you seriously think kim is any better? they dont COST anything ffs. even me, the dumbass, knows you need to be able to know the figures to know whether r not you can AFFORD all these wonderful things.

    ultimately i dont give a rats, as long as with what little money i have i can pay my bills and buy ciggies n grog n the odd bit of food and fuel.

    and despite the fact that as of this week i am jobless, would the unions have been able to help me, even if it happened 10yrs ago? would kim be able to help me? not on your life.

    oh and sonja, as a side-note. you may never see your best friend get married, i may never see my mother remarry. this however doesnt bother her as she doesnt live in newtown and doesnt want to get up everyone's exit-hole. despite being in the same relationship for roughly a little under 20yrs, that little meaningless piece of paper is just that to her. if she had a problem with it, she would move to a country that would allow it.