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What an idiot !!!

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by AF2AF3, Sep 29, 2005.

  1. It's 14 degrees
    This guy goes past me, on a 600

    Business shoes, business pants, long sleeved business shirt,
    NO gloves.

    I'm surprised he was wearing a helmet.

    I was gunna ask him if he valued his life, but I couldn't catch up to him.

  2. so is he an idiot cause of the cold or cause he had no gear on??

    haha or cause you couldn't catch him :wink:
  3. Squid season must be starting early this year.
  4. I think he's an idiot because he had no safety gear on.

    No matter how safe or good a rider HE thinks he is, it only takes a moments
    inattention by himself or a cager, and he'll be able to do his own skeletal examination without x-rays.
  5. When my brother was going to RMIT at Bundoora, some dude used to ride in wearing shorts and a t-shirt...that was in the middle of winter. :shock: :shock:
  6. i like the term "human crayon" for squids :)
  7. Maybe his work-place doesn't provide a place for him to change into work clothes, or maybe he was just nipping down to the shop for a box of choccies for an employee who was leaving, or maybe lots of things, but it's just silly anyway!!!
  8. every work place has toilets. except rivers 30 collins, where we had to use the maccas toilet :(
  9. honestly, its up to them.

    i personally cringe when i see a learner doing the shorts/tshirt thing but when you've been riding for a while you're fine to make that decision yourself.

    if you start a new thread for every "idiot" you see on the road, this place will turn into one giant squid whinge. some ppls value comfort/convenience over safety, and once they've been on the road for a while and understand the risks, i say thats their call to make.

    and while were at it, is every single bicycle rider out there an idiot too? cos some of those farkers are getting well up over 60kph wearing shorts, tees and a flimsy little foam helmet. maybe they should all be wearing full leathers and a real helmet? :wink:

    leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeave it be.....
  10. You've reminded me of one about 5 years ago, on the way down to Phillip Island GP about five years ago. Early on the Sunday morning, about 6am, and it's pretty cold, maybe 7-8 degrees and I'm feeling it a bit even in my full winter gear.
    This guy comes screaming past me on (I think) a ZX-6, wearing only a light pair of slacks and a light synthetic shirt unbuttoned and flapping wildly in the slipstream. No gloves, either. Just the helmet.
    Quite apart from the total lack of any protection, I'm still amazed to think that he could stand the cold, and wonder if he suvived the almost certain hypothermia.
  11. Im sure he felt far more man than you when his ;) was frozen off...
  12. Yeah i kind of think that the use of safety gear is up to the user. Generally i gear up anywhere i go but i admit to occasioanlly jumpin on me bike in shorts singlet and thongs to go to a mates place on a nice sunny day or whatever.

    Again, i know the risks and im prepared to take em. I know that i could blow a tyre, get hit by someone or just plain fcuk up. As long as im enjoyin meself at the time i dont really care...
  13. He's an adult. He's made his decision.

    I've been thinking about this, and the only whinge I could make is that if he comes off, my tax/greenslip dollars are going to pay for his hospital treatments.

    Then I realised a cager could say the same about me, what I say about a Squid.
  14. And it's wasting the time of a nurse to pick gravel out of his arse when said nurse could be caring for someone who actually deserves the attention.

    If you're taking due care, riding sensibly and actively taking steps to protect yourself in the event of a crash then who cares what they think? They should spend less time bitching about responsible road users and more time concentrating on everything that happens around them.

    That said, we can't make make everyones decisions so if you want to think another road user could protect themselves better, that's fine, but don't forget to quickly return to the task of riding one's own motorcycle. :wink: :)
  15. i met his brother last night riding through that storm on the way to work .

    his brother was turning right and came down the wrong side of the road on my side , then backed up and drove over the median strip and cut of a firetruck with lights and sirens on and nearly caused and accident

    i know the conditions were really bad , but not that bad
  16. That is a fair point i suppose, ive spent a bit of time in hospitals gettin stitched up for doin silly things(non motor related). But let me tell you that the verbal pasting you usually get from the nurse is far worse than your injuries you have. They get their revenge.

    It is a tuff one, so how bout if i ever go out wit insufficient safety gear and come off ill invite you all round to punch me in the face or pay back the dollars i took from ya :)
  17. Completely their choice regardless of whether its right or wrong in your eyes. If they ask for your opinion certainly give it, otherwise carry on looking after number one.

    A bit like going to the beach and telling sunbakers to cover up due to the risk of skin cancer!
  18. Or harrassing smokers. Wait on, some fcukwits actually do that! :shock:
  19. Have to admit I hated it when we got a female designer in here. Well actually she probably hated me getting stripped down to my jocks and whacking on a pair of shorts. :p
  20. Now where have I heard that before? :?

    Oh thats right, its the same thing all the car drivers say to us regardless of if we wear full leathers or ride naked.

    Bikes are too dangerous, temporary Australian, you wont get me on one of those things, blah blah blah.

    His squidding is more dangerous than full leathers, but motorcycling isnt that safe anyway. We accept the risks of riding, he accepts a bit more risk.
    Protective clothing should be encouraged, but people geting up on their high horse over squids can go a bit far.