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What an exciting day

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Devery, Nov 5, 2008.

  1. So my new bike was delivered today. A lovely 1973 CZ 175 type 477.

    I came home early from work and it arrived around 3:00. The man who delivered it was a friend of the owner and he was really, very nice. He gave me a complete run down of the bike (cept for the gears) and we had a good ol' chat about it. He was very helpful so props to him.

    I don't have my license yet and the bike isn't registered, so I'm extra anxious to take it for a spin. My mate come over and we thought we would start it up just to hear it... The coolest thing on this bike is the gear selector is also the kick start. Starting it up is so fun! haha.

    Now that its running, just a quick ride wont hurt.. So clutch in, one click down... Right? Well not on my bike.

    After a little while, we discover the gear system is the opposite. One click UP is first gear. But, the thing that got us stumped was, there was a neutral gear between third and fourth, so I just assumed I was moving down from neutral into first. Clearly it sounded as if I was trying to start in fourth, so we managed to work it out :p

    But the bike rides really well and I'm so happy with it. Still no serious riding though, looking forward to my first real ride.

    I took a few photos in my driveway, I want to take some nicer ones soon, but here they are!





  2. WTH !! thats a yezdi 175 !!!

    - yezdi 175

    spot the similarities ?
    yeah, they had the same system.. gear lever turns back to kick lever, 1 up 3 down gear box, neutral finder between gears, and auto clutch. !!

    CZ used to make bikes pre WW. During the WW, they were forced to manufacture weapons and ammunition, but the secretly kept their bike production alive. CZ, after the war, was know as Jawa, and eventually Yezdi..and they made amazing bikes !!

    i had a yezdi 250 as my 1st bike, and I loved it !! Still does wheelies on it's 1st gear.
    Its a 1982 model, and is still going strong. damn i miss my bikes :(

    congratz for your new bike :) maybe i ll drop by to see the bike someday :)
  3. Thanks mate :) You are more than welcome to come check it out!

    Most people I talk to know of the Jawa brand for there motocross bikes, pretty cool history, huh. :)
  4. You have bought a bike with gp style shift!....Did the seller mention that it has never been raced? :p

    Looks nice and clean. gratz
  5. Most European bikes had that shift pattern till sometime in the the 70's.
    Bultaco, Montesa and Ossa as well as quite a few of the Italian bikes. Not only that but it was usually on the RHS. :?

    Jawa/CZ were probably best known back then for their speedway bikes. They had a virtual monopoly on speedway machinery for many years. Personally I was always rather fond of the 350 twin. A nice solid twostroke that seemed to go on forever (although much more slowly than the Japanses contemporaries).
  6. true that, they were famous for their track record...and were the Czechoslovakian "racing bikes" of those times.

    A couple of guys of the Jawa and Yezdi Club which I was a member of, had the 350twin. They were mean machines. I have done "N" number of rallies on my RD350 and the Yezdi250. The Yezdi, was one tough bike, I always preferred on the Yezdi over the RD on any of my rally runs just because of it's sturdiness.

    Jawa and Yezdi s even had the tagline of "Forever Bikes", and they lived that reputation truly.

    They have such a powerful combustion system, many people in India (specially the milkmen around the rural areas) simply use kerosene as fuel for these bikes. Cheap fuel, a lot of smoke, and eventually screws up the engine, but it runs :p
  7. This guy from work told me about this bar on victoria prd past the vic markets called Jawa. It has a Jawa in the front window apparently. anyone been there?

    I'm going to go buy some new oil for it now. It has the brand Peak in there now, but this place im going to now says they dont have peak, but 2 stroke oil is 2 stroke oil and mixing them wont matter. Can someone clarify??
  8. i used to mix castrol 2t (thats the brand i think) with petrol...in the ratio of 1litre:80ml
    I tried unbranded oils too, never noticed a difference.... i think as long as its lubricating, it works :)
  9. I think I fludded the bike today. Let me explain and someone can clarify.

    I opened up the fuel tap and pressed the button to push down the float and let in the fuel (excuse my lack of knowledge, I'm so embarrassed but willing to learn!). I think I let too much fuel in? Anyway... It just wouldn't start. So I turned off the fuel tap and the line was full of fuel, so after I turned the fuel tap off I pressed the button again and got the fuel out of the line and left it for a while. Then I had to give it heaps of throttle and it eventually started running smooth again.

    I added the new oil I got today and no problems yet, hehe. Hope it stays that way.
  10. dont think you would need to use that ticker every time to start...just kick start normally with a lil throttle...
    as in, throttle along with your kick.

    best way to fix a flooded carb is :
    turn fuel tap off
    open throttle fully (yeah, wring that throttle to the max)
    and start kicking...

    would take some kicks...before it fires up....will be a slow *dig .....dig.....dig* kinda start eventually, and then it will fire up...remember, through out the whole process, dont let go of the throttle. Only when it fires up full, give the throttle a couple of good twists....and let it idle for a min ish, and turn the fuel tap back on :)
  11. Thats exactly what happened eventually. dig.... dig.... dig..... haha.

    I'll ease off the ticker.
  12. Peak oil. You have GOT to be kidding...

    I need to have a can of that on my shelf (before it runs out).
  13. haha, it is pretty funny.
  14. *That* is your first bike?

    Crikey. Careful with it, spares aren't going to be easy to come by if you munt it.

    Looks beautiful though, and I'm sure it'll be hilarious to ride. How much did it cost, if you don't mind me asking?
  15. Don't make fun :(

    I payed $1,600. The guy I bought it off has a few of these bikes and a fare few spares. He said he can get them for me if I need them too.

    I like riding it, it feels good.
  16. Another question to anyone who may know. I bought the oil for my bike last night, but I dont know how much I should put in?

    It has its own fuel injection system, but no max line or anything? any ideas? you should be able to see the size from one of the pictures, its the yellow tin.
  17. Nice example. $1600 for a restored 175? Beaut.
  18. just fill that chamber up, not to the brim though.
    It ll keep mixing the oil from there on its own accordingly.
  19. Thanks.