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What am I getting into?

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by BlueR1, May 31, 2013.

  1. Hi all,

    Yesterday, a friend of a good friend of mine contacted me and let me know he has a 2006 (I think) GS500 sitting in his garage. He is prepared to sign it over to me for pretty much free as he needs to clean his place out prior to moving to London in a month.

    The catch is that this bike hasn't been kicked over for about 4 or so years. Possibly 5.

    So, what problems can you foresee that I will encounter and are any of those problems going to cost be big money? I was hoping that about $1000 of investment will see this thing purring again.

    I have been hoping a low level project like this would come along that I would be able to tackle and I would like to think that I could do a lot of the basic stuff myself, like replacing cracked tubing or cleaning out the old fuel etc and what not.

    On a semi non-associated side note, I am also thinking of getting a postie bike to run around on etc and once this GS500 is back up and running, then I can get around on it and maybe make a few improvements to the postie. :D

    cheers guys.
  2. Well... apparently I'm getting into nothing. I just found out that the bike has been claimed by another. I wasn't aware that there was competition on this one. Oh well...Next time.

    Perhaps Ill just buy two posties ?
  3. [quote="BlueR1, post: 2591433, member: 40409

    Perhaps Ill just buy two posties ?[/quote]

    Then we can race 'em