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what am I doing wrong?????

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by teddee, Aug 7, 2005.

  1. I'm trying to get my ZZR250 onto the centre stand...but just can't seem to get it over the "hump". Never had a problem with my scooter, it always just pops up there. The ZZR's not even 20kg heavier, yet I can't seem to do it...I'm soooooo frustrated :facepalm:

    Anybody got any tips, tricks, pleeeeeeez?
  2. Dont try and use brute force,

    from the LHS put the stand down with your Right foot and while steading the bike by holding onto the LH hand grip and the hand hold near the seat ( i think on yours it's just hidden by the fairing above the pillion peg ??

    In this possition you'll find your right leg is naturaly slightly bent ,
    All you need to do is stand up and straighten your leg.

    the dymanics of it all works so you need min effort etc etc
    may tak a few times to work out the "knack" but once you do it once
    you'll wonder why you thought it was so hard in the 1st place.

  3. thanks muchly Bob

    As soon as it stops raining I'll give it another go

  4. The main problem ppls have with putting a bike on the centrestand is that they try to DRAG it on. As Bob said, what you are actually doing is LIFTING the bike up and over, past the point of balance by straightening that right leg.

    Best explanation of "how to" I've seen, Bob, bewdy.
  5. Took me ages to work out how to lump the CB900 up and onto the centrestand. Turns out I was pulling from the 'bars, which works against the physics of the thing.

    Now I plant the centre stand, and pull up gently on the rear footpeg bracket, lifting the rear of the bike instead of shoving more weight down on it, and it's a breeze. Lift the rear and stomp the stand lever, don't pull the front.
  6. Exactly, and the point of that is that you are lifting the LIGHT end of the bike, not the bit where the motor is!!!!

    I've taught quite small female riders to do this and they are amazed at how easy it is once you grasp the idea of lifting rather than dragging.
  7. its not going to stop raining, is it

  8. are you in melbourne?????
    no, it's not!
  9. guess what!

    It stopped raining long enuf for me to give it another whirl...thanks heaps for ur advice. I was just holding it in the wrong place...holding the grab rail as I do on the scoot.

    Between showers tried again..this time, under the eagle eye of the most gossipy neighbour and her two fluffie dogs, holding the rail, yes Bob, above the pillion peg. I knew there shouldn't be any lifting or shoving or dragging, but just couldn't get it to pop up...

    Thanks again.

    Now I just hafta wait for the ground to dry out a bit to do what I intended hours ago

  10. I can see the headlines now, "Netrider prevents another hernia"
  11. hehe, i was trying to heave my zzr250 onto the center stand earlier today and was about to start this thread all over again. good old search function 8)

    bahhhh like teddee i need to wait for the rain to stop before i can try it :x