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What Alarm do people reccomend?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Neo_nick, Dec 10, 2007.

  1. Hi Guys and Gals
    Looking at an alarm for my zx6 and just wondering what brands or systems people reccomend

  2. Yeah they are quite good!

    Well - looks like ill go for an accumen system 1 - they are quite cheap to get direct from accumen - 300 AUD all up including post

    Where amc want to ream you for 499

    Seems like a good alarm and good value for money - especially with teh flip out key!
  3. I just got a scorpio for my '06 zx6r.
    I wanted something fairly extensive tho'.... got it off ebay for cheaper.
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  5. For the simple fact that our bikes can be picked up and carted away I'd be looking for an extensive insurance cover, a GPS tracking system and parking in a safe place.
    Do people still take notice if an alarm screams at 2.00am? It may scare the baddies away but it may not.
  6. I still have insurance - but anything to act as a detterrent is good

    At the end of the day if somebody wants something bad enough they will get it!
  7. I've just got an alarmed disc lock. I checked with the Insurance Co, and they said it'll count as an immobiliser and an alarm.

    Works too. I put it on the Silver flash and forgot it was there when I sat on the bike to start it this morning.
    Almost ended up with brown trousers! :shock: :LOL:

    I asked a similar Q a while back, and after reading the feedback settled on the disco sounding disk lock.
  8. I'm interested in researching GPS tracking alarms for bikes - do these exist? If they do what are the brands / models?
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  10. Probably not realistically, given that car alarms tend to go off if someone farts within 2km of them and everyone just keeps walking hoping the noise dissppears... an immobiliser would be worth the $ I reckon but not an alarm, just my opinion though.
  11. My husband works at a University, has an alarm and puts on a bike cover and disc lock. He's had the cover lifted, but never anything worse. Other bikes have had mirrors and indicators ripped off, bikes pushed over, moved around the carpark. Our neighbours stick their heads out to see what was happening if the alarm goees off for more than a minute. If you can afford an alarm, get one IMO.
  12. i picked up one from S.A when i was over last october called Steel Mate features include remote arm/disarm: alarming against attacker/thief : mute-alarm arming mode : anti-burglary & anti-hijacking : warning for disarmed cycle : locating with sound/light : high anti-interferance & anti-false alarm.
    not sure how it works yet havent fitted it
  13. I have a Scorpio pager alarm system in my ZX9R. I know it won't physically stop anyone from picking it up and taking it away, but at least I'll hear it and I'm sure I can do a pretty good job of scaring them off :twisted:

    It was pretty simple to plug it in, although one of the connector wire things was too short so the indicators only flash on one side, I'm too lazy to fix it.

    Incidentally, my bike sets off car alarms when I start it in the undercover carpark at work, and nobody ever pays any attention to them.