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What age bike should I buy? Depreciation curves and stuff

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Iondah, Jan 2, 2008.

  1. Hi All,

    I'm off restrictions in less than 2 weeks, so now seriously looking for an upgrade.

    I've got a few options lined up at the moment even though it's a *terrible* time of year to be buying a bike.

    My questions is however, does anyone out there have a depreciation curve model for motorcycles? I know it varys depending on whether its a sports, tourer, BWM :LOL: etc but wondering bascially what age is best to buy.

    2 examples that are on my list at the moment:

    1999 TRX850 22,000k $6250
    2001 Sprint RS 33,000k $7400

    I know they are both very different bikes, but which is likely to hold its value better over the next few years?

    In short, the initial capital isn't as important as the total investment over ~3 years.

    Thanks help cheers :grin:

    EDIT: Yep, I know Redbook can provide some of this info for a fee but I'm interested in what you all have to say first :)
  2. Don't have any experience with those models.. but I do like the Trex!

    But if you're considering a trx, how about an sv? :p

    Yeah I'd say use the free part of the redbook site to get some info about the general costs..

    How many kms do you intend on putting on?

    If you're not going to put on massive kms, I'd think the trx would be a good option in terms of lack of depreciation. But I wouldn't pay more than 5500 for that trx.. only because you can get an 02 sv for pretty cheap.. so I hear hehe.
  3. Which bike will give you the biggest buzz over the next few years?
    Can you put a price on that?
    In other words buy what turns you on.
    You're not talking a huge amount of money.
  4. motorbikes + investment in the same post :shock:

    unless you are buying a harley, or concept bike, or any othe one-offs, i suggest you invest your money elsewhere ;)
  5. The TRXs are different/unique enough that they're likely destined for "classic" status down the track and will likely keep their values better than other bikes I reckon. Wouldn't think this'd be the case with the Sprint. Although it's a nice bike it doesn't have anything unique to attract the weirdos that like buying older machinery when they could easily have bought something much newer :-w .
  6. Buy whatever gives you the horn because you will lose money on it. Might as well enjoy doing it.

    If I weren't such a bore and tight with cash at the moment I'd love a TRX850. Or a Sprint RS. Both give me the horn! The TRX is the MOST fun road bike I have ridden, and has heaps of character. Not the fastest, not the best at anything in particular, but just plain fun. Conversely everything I have seen/read/heard about the Sprint without actually riding one appeals to me. Neither are super rare or collectible. However, the TRX is more of a cult bike than the Sprint - but not by an awful lot.

    Truth be known the K100RS doesn't set my world alight but it's interesting enough to be happy with the prospect of keeping it for a while.

    If you are looking to tour at all, or carry a pillion the Sprint will be a better prospect. Probably marginally happier commuting too.

    If you say you're going to rack up 5000km in the three years, the Sprint will be harder to sell with another 10000km on it, but I'm splitting hairs!

    If you have your heart set on both and since it sounds like you are watching what you spend, have a look at service intervals and costs based on 5000km a year minimums, include insurance, and possible minor damage repairs.

    However, don't be too money driven or you'll end up with a $4,000 K100RS like I did.

    (I'm trying to love my mortgage :p )
  7. I resemble that comment!!!
  8. If you really think you will keep the bike for 3 years and are concerned with resale, I wouldnt buy anything pre 2000.

    In 3 years it will be 2011, a 1999 bike will sound much older than a 2001 model and be harder to sell,

    Of course if the 1999 model is really cheap.....
  9. I've been watching the trx's for awhile now. Something about them to me makes them really desirable. Maybe the quirky looks and awesome sound.

    Over this time i keep waiting for the trx's price to drop so i can nab one for a good price but it hasn't. Has always remained at mid 5 to low 6k.
  10. I'm selling my bike next month for $6500.

    Best sounding storm out there :)
  11. Problem is you'll only have your hearing for ten minutes after listening to it :LOL:
  12. I've ridden a few trixes now and I reckon they're rubbish. Handling's OK but the engine is a stinker and the gearing is ridiculously high, which adds up to a real dog of a bike in town.
  13. They are the jap bike you have when you are not having a jap bike. But as loz said, crap around town, a pretty lousy commuter. Doughy down low and prety rough till about 3.5-4k revs. Not real fast compared to anything with 4 cylinders but heaps of grunt. But dude, don't buy a bike according to resale, you might as well just drive a camry. Ride what you LOVE! And if you don't love it, sell it and get somthing else you fancy. I know its the real world and all but it shouldnt just be about dollars and cents. Oh and for the record i reckon the rex would have cheaper maintainance but for resale? Could go either way.
  14. I don't know why you are even buying a bike if you are worrying over depreciation curves
  15. Mate, you're probably going to fling it off a cliff, wrap it around a pole and slide it down a freeway before selling anyway. Motorbikes and cars are dead money. Save to the amount you can afford to lose, and buy that. But actually, fcuk it, spend the most the banks will let you.

    You only live once mate!
  16. I followed a TRX through some uphill twisties last weekend. I could see he was trying, but he didn't really gap me. It was the kind of road I could hold my 250 in it's sweet spot easily on, but I didn't have to wring it's neck to keep up. Make of this what you will, depending on what kind of riding you like, but I made the mental note, when upgrading, the TRX?...nah!
  17. Remember dude, its about 90% rider abilty and 10% bike. Maybe he just sucked?? But yeah, if you enjoy your zx2r i don't think a trx would be up your alley. VERY different. A 600-1000 supersports would be more like it (just guessing here) :cool:
  18. really? even if you don't ride the thing, you've got many thousands of dollars per year in registration (plus initial stamp duty you'll never see again), the annual service and insurance AND you expect the value to increase above and beyond that plus inflation and disposal costs?

    wow, i've got an unusual definition of 'investment' then! All vehicles that you and I (and the OP) can afford are money pits.
  19. Generalising in a huge way, but if you buy a used bike for about 6k, in about 3 years, assuming similar condition but more kms, you'll probably sell it for around 4.5k or so (huuuuge assumptions built in there).

    The question to ask yourself is, if the bike you would prefer to ride will sell for 4k, and another option would sell for 4.9k down the track, is the $900 difference (or $300 per year) worth it...or will you spend a couple of years wishing you were riding a better/more fun/more *insert desirable characteristic here* bike?

    To me, that screams out get the one you want within the price range, and downstream sale price be damned!

    Butz. :beer:
  20. My $0:02

    Big chunks of value are lost in the first couple of years. Bikes that are 3 years old are usually still in pretty good nick with a lot of the modern features yet much cheaper.

    I got a 1996 BMW K1100LT SE for $7k did $2k of work to have it how I wanted and it was a trooper!

    Currently in the market for a new one so I an looking at my budget to try and get something only 3-4 years old and get the best I can.

    Also, never forget that your next bike wont be you last bike!!