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what aftermarket exhaust for a honda spada vt250?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by nicholas9283, Mar 11, 2009.

  1. hey guys, as some of u may have read in another of my threads i have just bought a 1989 Honda Spada. i dont actually get it for another week or so but im already thinking about things to do to it. haha.

    at the moment the bike is completly stock, and i dont plan on doing nethihng to exciting, but i would really like to put an aftermarket exhaust on it. just something to make it sound that much better and open it up alittle, help it breathe, which may or may not improve its perrformance.

    i was wondering what do i need for this? just a can, or a completly new exhaust system? should i stay away from a cheap $100 can of ebay? can anyone give me some specific brands and prices, or even places that can help me out (i live on the Gold Coast).

    Just one more thing, i dont want to spend much! at the end of the day its just a little 250 learner. thanks for all your help guys.
    cheers nick.
  2. Give it a try, you're only out 100 bucks, I wouldn't bother spending any more than that on a 250 you'll get rid of in x months anyway.

    If it doesn't work, flog it off on eBay for $50!
  3. The $100 can on ebay will likely be for a cbr250 and one of the bolton adaptor/plate jobs (as opposed to slipon/clamp), you will need some kind of adaptor to get it to fit.

    Keep in mind the Spada has a one piece exhaust, you will need to cut off the existing can to fit another, so it's pretty much a one way trip, you're probably best off considering drilling the existing exhaust first.

    You will be looking at $400-800 for a custom aftermarket exhaust ( megacycle, neptune etc) that actually fits properly.

    Oh, And it will make precious little difference to performance, but will sound faster :LOL:
  4. I'd measure it up and get the cheapest one you can find. If you get the measurements and go to a wrecker you will find something.
  5. yer that all sounds fair enough. the spada does have a one piece exhaust, and the $100 can on ebay comes with an adapter flange so that it will fit the spada.

    i might cheek out the local wreckers before i spend any cash, that sounds like a decent idea.

    and yer im not worried about it increaseing power at all, i just want it to have a nice deeper note. at the moment when you start it up, u can hardly hear it running.

    thanks for the help guys, feel free to chuck up some more input!
    cheers nick.
  6. It is highly unlikely the ebay exhaust with bolt straight onto a Spada without a bunch of stuffing around.

    Maybe you should wait until you get the bike before deciding what to upgrade first? :)

    A pair of decent tyres (assuming it has the requisite 10+yr old rock hard arrowmaxes that all learner bikes have on them) are far more rewarding than an exhaust if you prefer to ride the bike around corners rather than sit in traffic reving it :p

    Or spend the money having a mechanic fix anything that is wrong with it, Ie all fluids, pads, tyres, filters etc
  7. haha you and your reason. lol. yeah mate thats not a bad point at all. dont worry i plan on doing all that too, i was just wondering about what difference a cheapo can would make to the sound of the bike, because i know that i want to change the stock exhaust on the bike.

    haha, thanks again tho. cheers nick
  8. Fire up youtube and search for a vtr 250 with an aftermarket exhaust and that's pretty much what the Spada will sound like.

    Kinda like a poor man's Ducati or a Harley on crack (way too many rpm for a harley) :) .

    IMO it's worth the effort if you plan to keep the bike for a little while and the existing exhaust is all scratched up etc

    2/3's of the effect can be achieved by drilling the standard baffles.
  9. Hey nicholas9283.
    Congrats on the Spada. I also ride one and its fitted with a Megacycles exhaust...check out www.megacycle.com.au to see what they look like.
    It certainly makes a difference note wise. Not sure on price sorry but give them a call- it will definitely add to the fun of the bike.
    If you plan on having the bike for more than a few months go for it and put a new exhaust on.....ENJOY!
  10. Drill it. Re-skin it if it's scratched / flattened or just paint it.

    I'm leaving mine stock as I work nights and my car is pretty farking loud (350hp Nissan that likes to keep up with and sometimes pass 600's). Stock exhaust is quiet and doesn't annoy anyone at all, except me haha.

    But yer, what's the point of sounding fast and going slow? It's like an excel with a zorst........gay.
  11. *server error, double post*
  12. I have a modified VTR250 Staintune pipe on it. It costed a fair bit, much more than $100. I think it was worth it cos it sounds much better than the standard Spada pipe.

    Originally, I was told that Staintune made pipes for Spada. Then after I ordered and paid for it, the shop told me that Staintune stopped making them directly for Spadas. So they had to modified a VTR250 pipe.

    They said it was "fairly easy" to install it. At least they did not charge me labour for putting it on. Still, anyone can argue that I got ripped off and I would agree with them. Still I would rather have a Staintune pipe on my bike.

    New VTR250 Staintune pipe costed around $450 back in 2006. (So I'm told)
  13. yer i had a look at the staintune website the other day. they were asking like $700 for the vtr Staintune pipe, and that was orders only, so i would still have to pay for labour and all that.

    its really not worth it overall and i diffently cant afford it! i have another question. ive seen some cans on ebay for bigger bikes, eg gsxr 600 and cbr 600, this may sound like a stupid question, and please excuse me if it does, im new to riding and bikes, but can i fit one of these to my spada vt250?

    cheers nick.