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What actually comprises MOST?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by bradc1988, Oct 16, 2009.

  1. So I will be going for my P's in about a month and was wondering what is actually tested. According to this there are four bits that overall test 8 skills. What has me confused is I've been told by friends who have previously done the test that there is a figure-8 test and a straight line slow ride test (Go 20m in 30s), yet these two are not listed anywhere on the RTA website.

    Just after some clarification.

  2. those sort of things are done in the morning of the most day, not actual tests, just gives the instructor a chance to run there eye over you, and you a bit of a chance to relax and practice a bit before the road ride bit, guess it lets them see if you should be allowed on the group road ride and are safe and in control of the bike etc
    They are nothing scary the slow ride is just seeing how long you can take to go the 30 odd metres with feet up, like you would in slow traffic, the figure 8's is just simulating crossing a intersection giving way, timing etc awareness of your surrounds
  3. Ah OK, sweet! Thanks waedwe. The day should go smoothly for me then, although the slow ride and figure-8 wouldn't have posed too much of a problem anyway.