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What about Triumph?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Kurtis_Strange, Nov 15, 2005.

  1. Its the only company that makes motorcycles,

    the rest are just oversized scooters :D :D :D :D :D
  2. trumpys arent bad , they just leek more oil than exons oil rigs :LOL:
  3. Ha, what would you know glen, that oversized plastic fantastic you ride ,
    the oil stains are put there on purpose by the owners, so you wannabees won't buy a trump and spoil there image :p :p :p
  4. your just jealous big fella , because yours is still new , it hasnt sprung its first leek and your starting to worry :LOL:
  5. Nah , thats how you tell the bikes run in 8)
  6. Its alright... i liked your choice of that black Z750 best 8)
  7. cant do too badly with a trumpy, even if it is a tarted up BSA :LOL:
  8. ok while you settle your bitchin session on whos got the best bike, I'll go read up on the TT600

    They seem cheaper than the Jap bikes, is this right?
  9. trumpys are ok
    just becarefull in regards to servising prices and parts .
    I dont know if they are any more expensive than normal , but truimph in the past has had trouble getting parts for bikes in australia ( like aprillia).
  10. hmmm on closer inspection I dunno about those funny tube hole things at the front, looks kinda weird....maybe better go mainstream for parts?

    It'll either be a hornet which I can get for $7k, or some sorta jap sport bike I think.

    Love Honda, but maybe Kawa R6, or GSX?
  11. Depends where you look, I used to be able to get parts for my 72 bonny quicker , from Canada and NZ , than I could get parts for the kwaka from here
  12. I have little trouble getting parts for my BSA and they have been out of production for over 30 years!!!
  13. It's generally easier to get parts for most old brit bikes than it is for most old jap bikes, but a lot of that is because the brit bikes altered less over the years so less parts variety is needed.
  14. Don't listen to these Jap-bike-ridin'-wannabe-Triumph-owning sh!t stirrers, Trumpy's are top bikes. That don't leak oil (the first drop that leaks out of mine's comin' your way, Groberts).

    Services might be a bit dearer than Jap bikes, but the service interval is 10,000 k's not the usual 6,000. No more or less reliable than anything else, and lets face it, Triumph ownership really does set you apart from the crowd! :p

    Can't really comment on the 4 cylinder models as I've never owned one, but they are popular as track bikes, so that can't be a bad thing.

    Just get one, ya won't regret it!!
  15. I own a Speed four which is basically a TT600 retuned with the rairing ripped off.. I love it.. and it is so weird looking its cool :D

    mine is an 04 model brand new with a two year warranty for 12k on the road. you southerners could probably get them cheaper for any that are still on the road.
  16. give the tt a ride.... if you like it get it!
    i wrote mine off a few weeks ago and i miss it like crazy already!!
    On the touring topic, it has a really great seat and a little lower than jap pegs so highway kays are comfy kays!!!
  17. The reviews indicated the tt600 wasn't quite up to the others in any given year, but who's to say an 03 tt600 isn't better then an 02 f4i.

    Having said that, thats all on paper anyway. You might find the Trumpy suits you for other reasons.

    On Triumph in general, they were very conscious about reliability in the latest model. Mainly becasue the old ones were heaps of shit.

    If I had the money the Daytona would be my pick of bikes. So I think quite a bit of the brand in general,