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What about the shoppers who jumped the bank robber?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Dec 29, 2008.

  1. I'm in two minds about this sort of thing; obviously they made a reasonable judgment that he was not armed and acted accordingly, but it's still a huge risk, isn't it? And how long will it be, if this happens again, before a robber is killed by the crowd? What then??


  2. We should all be armed with tasers? :cool:
  3. I would have done the same thing (tacked him i mean, not the robbery lol)
  4. Good on them, took a risk and it paid off and they took the loser down.
  5. Great work.
  6. in no way did the story imply he was mobbed by a crowd. simply caught and restrained.
    i know if ever i was in a similar situation, and i was inclined to take action, i wouldnt belt the crap through the person. the aim is to stop them, not kill them :?
    and yes paul, but there is risk in everything. everything. its just an assessed risk. sometimes it pays off. sometimes it doesnt. in most situations, i would rather do something, than nothing.
  7. Im of a mind to say tough shit!

    Slightly ot, but if some crim was to invade a home and got killed in the process of commiting the crime i dont see why any one should feel sorry for them.

    just my 2c
  8. I'm sure most of us feel like that, but if it was you, what would your mind be doing just before you fell asleep each night? You could rationalise the deed, but could your emotions live with it? Just a thought.
  9. Medals
  10. C'mon, whats there to be surprised with ??
    It was in Plumpton, a few kays up the road from Mt Druitt !!
  11. Did you see the interview with the cop from Mt Druitt. They asked him if the people around this area were "tough". He had a wry grin when he responded "They work pretty hard for their money so they don't want to see it stolen". You mean they work hard for their dole money.....They were thinking of how many packets of Winny Blues and slabs of VB that money would have bought.
  12. How do you know he had a "wry grin"?

    Have you ever applied for Centrelink benefits, Gegvasco?
    You have to keep a diary and prove you looked for work and stuff - it's pretty hard!
  13. I saw that interview too; the thief took money that had been deposited in the bank. If you'd lived on Centrelink benefits, you'd know that none of it ever gets INTO the bank....
  14. I like how they say they 'took the law into their own hands...' The law is always in the peoples hands.

    How many people did the robber get past (who presumably did nothing) before someone finally took action? Kudos to the man who took him down tho. Good effort.
  15. banks are insured against this sort of things. They will/can get it back somehow. prob by increasing fees.

    If the robber was armed, and someone died.....
  16. 1. The would-be-thief SAID he had a weapon under this jumper; staff are trained not to second-guess such threats but to preseve life and limb and any public intervention BEFORE he left the bank could have endangered many lives if he HAD been armed
    2. The money he took was recovered at the scene, as the report clearly stated.
  17. "The only thing needed for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing".

    Good on these people for taking out a crook.
  18. you've been watching "boondock saints" Man I love that movie.

    is the actual quote, and it rings true they took a judgement call and it paid off as someone said :) I probably would help in the situation.
  19. However you say it, bloody good on 'em. More people need to stand up for this sort of thing.
  20. Then they would have died a hero. It would be tragic, but better scum are stood up to than letting people get away with this shit.