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What about Tasmaina?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by WingNutt, Feb 14, 2005.

  1. G'Day,

    Im contemplating a trip to tasmaina for the long weekend in late april and just chasing a bit of local knowledge. As a Sunny queensland rider, in melbourne for a short time only, i know nothing of the roads or weather conditions in tas at that time of year.
    If anyone has some recommendations, knowledge on places to go (on a four day trip), weather expectations, and road conditions i would much appreciate any advise you have.
    Also im easy if anyone is keen to come along i keep you posted on my plans as they develope.


  2. Hey Wingnut.

    Definately interested. One of my customers is in Tassie and I will be spending quite a bit of time there. Thankfully, he also rides.

    Would be very keen to join you on your adventure. PLEASE, keep me posted. If you would like to learn more about Tassie, send me a PM and I will give you my number.

  3. So Wingnutt you are not coming down for the Ducati Tourismo next week. We are doing Tassie again. I will be able to give you details of the route we travelled when I return mon 28 Feb
  4. Hey Scumbag,

    With such a large group going, do you really think you will be ale to have fun riding at pace and go wherem you want to go???

    Just curious.

    Have fun.
  5. See the thing is that you do not ride all together, The only time the entire group leaves at once is the first day. The route is suggested only. As long as you make it to the end point for the day you can add or subtract any road you want to. A lot of people do this. The only proviso for this is the support truck (read ducati race team truck) follows a set route and if you are not on that then they will not be able to help you in case of a prob.
    I tend to start early-ish each day so am on the road while most of them are still having breakfast. Also means I do not have to really worry about other riders doing something a little silly especially this year as my wife will be riding her 250 on l's for the first time. Do not want someone upsetting her for any reason, they will likely die when she catches up with them
  6. Thanks scumbag, i wont be there for the ducati ride due work commitments but planning for the long weekend, might beable to squeeze an extra day (just wait and see) but definately keen to get details from you when you get back. Mitch ill let you know as i put together more details.

  7. Thanks for the link boz, will check it out in detail when i get a bit of time.
  8. no need to thank me - thank Pete! He has an incredible list of rides that he has done, and has taken the time to share with the rest of us. I only needed to check my bookmarks...
  9. This months "two wheels" magazine has a reasonable article on a bike tour of tassie.
  10. I wouldn't go.. I hear there are drop bears :shock:

    hehehe I hope ya have a great trip :D

    :D Lisa :twisted:
  11. I, for one, had a ball last year on Turismo and am really disappointed things have not worked out the way I hoped for me to go again this year. Even though there were about 270 bikes there, we split off into workable groups (ie. rode with people you felt comfortable with and mostly of similar abilities and with similar ideas about stops, etc). The other thing was that, because its not a school excursion and we didn't need a permission slip from our parents to go to Tassie, we were told the official supported route and it was up to us if we chose to stick to that route.

    For example, when we left Richmond, I wanted to do some riding by myself. I had every intention of doing the marked route, but ended up missing a turn-off somewhere along the way :oops: :? . If something had happened to me or the bike, I would have had to call the Tassie RACV equivalent and had them pick me up, rather than getting the support truck to collect us (as would have happened if we were on the official route).

    :D :D :D
  12. Well, I live in Tas, and my advice.....

    Bring clothes for EVERY season, I'm not joking. You banana benders will need something to rug up for the evenings :LOL:

    Although April/May is usually very nice weather (sunny, but not hot), the last coupla years have been a bit below par.

    With four days you probably wont see as much as you'll want to, a good trip would be from Devonport - Launceston (via the coast rd, not the Bass hwy) - Scottsdale - St Helens, down the East coast to Bicheno (make a choice if you want to see the Coles bay/ Wineglass bay next)
    Then maybe Swansea, Triabunna and on to Orford. Then make a choice of down the Tasman peninsula or across to Hobart (time might be a bit short for the Tasman). Back to Devonport via the Midlands Hwy (most boring bit).

    Or head straight down to Hobart and spend a day sightseeing the south east, and the rest of the time riding back up the east coast , across to scottsdale, into launcestonn, and back to Devonport.

    Get in contact with "Dr X913" ( runs a website based in Launceston http://www.slideways.tk ) Ask him about the "sidling" :wink:

    In any case, PM me, I'll be glad to give any help I can.

  13. Nah, no dropbears... the devils get em as soon as they hit the ground! :shock:
  14. Straight to Ulverstone off the boat, inland by narrow twisties to Cethana, have a cuppa, then up the stunning Olivers Road to Mole Creek. Turn around and do it again because it's so good.
    This time from Cethana follow the signs to Cradle Mountain through fast sweepers. You may choose to avoid the gravel access road to Cradle mountain itself, but it's not too bad.
    Continue on to meet up with the main highway through Rosebery to Strahan (brilliant).
    Have a rest, then continue on an absolute blinder to Queenstown and Mt Arrowsmith. You'll need to watch out for cagers practising for Targa around here, as they frequently run wide. Continue on via Derwent Bridge to Hobart.
    The East coast? Through Swansea and Bicheno to get to the incredible Elephant Pass/St Marys Pass triangle (worth doing twice) to St Helens.
    Back to Devonport via Scottsdale and Launceston (between these towns it's VERY challenging!)

    The thing about Tassie is that if you take a wrong turn, you just discover another great road!
  15. Oh Lil it is not going to be the same without you there. By the way did you receive the photos I sent you from the Toy Run.
  16. Make sure you visit Longford and the pub. Check out the motor racing heritage in the pub as well as what is left of the Longford Race circuit. It is hard to believe People such as Jack Brabham used to race open wheelers ther up until about 1963-4.
  17. Careful around Elephant Pass these days, it's full of cagers (of the tourist variety mostly) going to the Elephant Pass pancake restaurant. They tend to take the pleasure out of the ride.

    EDIT: ALso make sure your bikes happy on 95 octane fuel or lower, cos you can't get anything else @ the bowser in Tas

  18. For anyone interested on coming along at this stage the dates will be:

    -leave Friday afternoon/night on the boat 22nd april
    -back monday night 25th (does the boat run on public hoildays??)

    will try and squeeze it to leave on the 21st but will have to reserve that till a bit closer to make sure i can get off work. Thanks for the advise on place to go, taking all into consideration, will have to get a map of tassie before finailizing, heaps of time yet!

    watch this space


  19. Make sure you can get a seat, the Melbourne/Devenport boats can be pretty popular, unlike the Sydney/Devenport route.

    Enjoy the trip