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what about our loved ones?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Interloper, Mar 29, 2008.

  1. i used to talk to mum a couple of times a week and visit once or twice a fortnight but now im riding again after quite a few years,she calls everyday.hows things,hows the bike?,she says.when i was living at home i overheard her telling a friend that she wouldnt get to sleep until she heard my bike.i know my gf worries too.sometimes i ride to work,sometimes drive depending on the weather but her facial expessions differ according to which i choose on the day before i leave.other family members and friends are concerned about me riding but no-one ever shows deliberate expression about it.my brother is in a conflict zone with the army so being concerned about him i could kinda put other peoples concerns about me riding in a similar category and understand how they might feel.but i love riding,as they understand and wouldnt give it up for anything.i just put those thoughts away and ride.
    how does your loved ones (the ones who dont ride) feel about you riding?
    does granny freak out and beg you not to leave after a visit?

  2. My granny says I look like Spiderman (red & black jacket). Mum and granny don't like me riding on November 1st, the day my cousin died on his bike.

    My husband needs to know when I'm leaving, when I get there, and when I get home - he gets a bit anxious when I'm out on my own.

    Overall, everyone's pretty positive - my brother is the one with the scars and busted helmets :)
  3. lol spiderman!good one granny.
    i went my nan's last week and said,'jump on nan,were going for a scratch'.
    the look on her face was priceless :p
    my dad used to mess himself up years ago so i can understand mum's fears.but like your family mine are pretty positive too.we just know what theyre thinkin but dont we?
    sorry about your cousin mate :(
  4. I raised the level of life insurance not long before I started riding.
    Not sure if it had any bearing on things, but my wife is always extremely supportive of my riding.
    She tells me that it's only through experience that one can become a proficient rider.
    Everytime it rains now, She hands me my helmet and smiles.
    :? :?
    I must be lucky to have someone who supports my hobbies like that eh?
  5. It took my sister three years for her to realise that I REALLY want to ride. Just got my Ls, and even now she's in disbelief. My other family members (bar my brother-in-law) is the same.
  6. My wife is very supportive of my decision to get a bike, she is of course concerned but she knows I am a good car driver so knows I am not going to take stupid risks. Also now that I have a bike it means she will have the car at home whenever she needs it (she is a stay at home Mum)! I am going to start commuting on the bike from this Monday so I suspect my level of texting is going to increase dramatically as she will definitely need to know when I have arrived at work and when I am leaving!! It is nice to know she cares so much, so I don't mind.

    I speak to my Mum once every 3 months or so (she is in the UK), when I told her she just said that it was about time as both my older sisters had had bikes when they were in their teens! She did not seem to be concerned at all, kinda sums up our relationship really. :(
  7. My wife is ok with me riding as long as I always ring when i get there, before i leave, and if its a long day, during the day.

    Piece of mind for her.. :grin:
  8. i had no choice, but to ride.
    everyone in my family tree rides :cool:
  9. :LOL: :LOL:
    Seriously, when I first started riding i was always getting calls from my sweetie wanting to know if I got to work ok. She's become used to the fact that I ride everyday now, the only time she calls me now is when the weather is miserable.
    I guess You can understand their concern, so to answer your question Interloper, I don't think they ever really stop worrying about us.

    I'd be riding trees too, probably safer than sharing the road with you. :LOL: :LOL:

  10. Oddly enough, my (maternal) Gran was supportive, and it was only after I got my first bike that I found out (or at least registered) that my grandad and his mates all had bikes in the 20s. Not just for transport (as many did) but as what could be termed "bikers". I guess, for those who'd survived the First World War, the risks of riding fast for recreation were pretty small beer. He and my Gran even went to the IoM TT for their honeymoon in 1927.

    My dad rode in his youth, as did his dad pretty much until his death in late middle age, so there was no real problem there. Indeed, he always showed an interest in bikes and biking, and took a few of mine out for a brief spin.

    Mum threw a fairly spectacular wobbler when it became obvious that I was getting into bikes, but there was already a deep (non-bike related) division there so it wasn't a big drama for me.

    As to those of the living whom I consider my loved ones, my brother respects my ability to make my own decisions.

    My wife rode her own bikes until our migration to Australia and is about to take it up again so she's never had any grounds for objection. She does admit that she gets concerned about me but it's not something that gets between us. I admit that I'll be concerned about her when she starts riding again, but again, I respect her ability to make her own decisions.

    Our daughter doesn't have a problem with it, but she can't properly be called informed. From our point of view, if we ride separate bikes, she's unlikely to be suddenly deprived of both parents. If either of us is widowed, the remaining one may have to rethink the biking. Hopefully neither of us will have to make that decision. Financially and emotionally, those remaining will manage.

    And eventually, in a few years time, I'll also be concerned (but hugely proud and as supportive as I can be) if my daughter decides to become the fourth generation of my family to ride bikes.
  11. My mum was so worried about me riding a bike that she started getting health issues. She never told me though. Once I found out, I sold the bike and bought a cage. Now she's secretly beating herself up over the fact that I "gave up riding because of her". You just can't go right with some people.
    I am by no means complaining about my mother (I would never do that), but the whole choosing between the things you love situation is a real biatch...
  12. Mum

    Mum didnt like it when i first got my bike butafter riding for awhile she seems to be over it. She does sometimes wait up for me to come home if i am late. And she made sure i got Health Insurance when i got my bike. If i am going to fall off may as well get looked after in style i suppose lol.
  13. I always stayed awake waiting for the familar sound of my son arrivng home on his bike .
    I think every parent has the safety of their child on their mind and are at peace when they hear that exaust .
    Tragically he was taken one night by a driver in a van ... I now stay awake wishing I could hear that sound again .
  14. :( :( :(
  15. G'day everyone,....

    Well I got my sisster on a bike,....then taught her to ride,...got her to go get her licence,..her full licence kicks in end of last week.

    I have pillioned my mum twice and she loves it!

    She never wanted me to have or ride when I was younger,..now she loves being on a bike as well!

    Go figure??

    Dr Who?
  16. May your son Rest In Peace

    My mum and dad bought me leather gloves and draggins when i started riding. I live by myself, so they don't hear/see me. But sometimes mum comes over, and if she knows i'll be home that night, she waits up :)
  17. when i first told my family i was getting my licence i waited till the no refund point. just to be sure.

    mum was alittle worried but trusts me alot and seems to have cooled off, dad diddnt comment, then day afater i got a bike he took me shopping and bought me the gear i could never afford, he just wanted me to be visable and protected. . they seem fine now, i am the first in my family to ever ride a road bike, so im pretty lucky that they didnt freak out, now im hopeing they will catch the bug.

    :) by the way...I GOT MY P's!!
  18. My mum used to be a nurse and worked in hospital emergency wards so she has been very anti-bike for as long as I can remember. So I've chosen not to tell her that I ride, why make her worry. It makes it easier that I live interstate. Those of my family that do know, ie my brothers and my gf, all I can tell them is that I take the proper precautions with regards to gear, being sensible and being wary and am taking alot of training courses to improve my skills. And I always SMS/phone the gf to let her know I got home safe. Those that care about you are always going to worry though not matter what you do.
  19. Keep the dream alive!

    Hi all

    I'm way too scared to tell my mum that I'm riding again-I avoid letting her visit just in case she sees the bike. Years ago I lived over the other side of town so what she didn't know kept her sleeping well at night.

    My 14 y.o son thinks it's great that I'm out on the bike (what boy wouldn't!) but I have to admit my paranoia levels are through the roof making sure I make it home to him after each ride (rather important technicality as there's only him and I in our little clan (does 2 make a clan?) anyway it's sooo different from years ago when there was just me to look after.... the dream is harder to hold onto but is worth it in the long run!
  20. It is always a concern for anyone I think. I know my family does t like it, my wife now gets on the back with me after years of pretending I didnt have a road bike. I enjoy riding with her then my mates.

    I must say I dont like posts like "How fast have you got your bike" when you see some of the younger ones continuing to post higher and higher speeds, in some cases daily. OT sorry..........