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What a weekend!! :(

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Wild Violet, Sep 18, 2006.

  1. well just wanted to share what a bad weekend i had, gotta get it off my chest!!
    unfortunately my foster gran died, she took me in at 15- 18 and honestly i wouldnt be alive today if she hadnt, and plans for a bike filled weeken went out the window, thats ok i can keep my mind off bikes for 1 weekend surely says me...
    after doing a 18 hours shift, i left work on thursday evening in elmore and drove to ballarat-3 hours away for my nan's funeral on the friday arvo.. arived at 11pm and went to macdonalds to have a coffee at which point i realized i locked my keys in car!!
    guy on motorbike pulls over to help and calls local lock smith and 80 dollars later at midnight im finally in my car.. thankyou friendly rider!! wouldnt have locked keys in if was on bike! oops bike thoughts in my head again..
    head over to the backpackers lodge there only to find i cant get in... great!! so slept in car out front of cop shop as nothing was open.. sore back crappy sleep!! parked behind cop bike, go away stop teasing me :cry:
    head over to the rellies the next morning, and caught up with nan's son in law butch, who just met and lovely bloke, tells me he owns bike shop in brisbane... talking bikes again, cant help it!!
    head over to the crematorium at 3, and few harleys rock up, force myself to stay away.....
    funeral was beautiful, she will be remebered well, she touched more lives that just my own, head to wake, then friday evening ended up with many people over at the Bandido's club in ballarat, oh no, i cant keep away from bikes! they really made me change my perceptons of HArley riders, they had nan's picture up in the club house and they were such lovely people, they put on a barbeque and did alot to make us feel wecome... Best regards to ballarat chapter!!
    stayed with the rellies sat night and left at 3pm sat arvo, ok put bikes out of my head now just get home.... They were everywhere.. daylesford, castlemaine, bendigo, all the way home, you bastards! swear they were all mocking me...
    so decided i cant take it no more and go for ride on sunday, out of shepp have luch at glen rowan, back higway near winton, turn of to go to violet town, turn right to go over bridge into VT bike stalls at 40 km/ph WTF? ok pull over, try to restart, engine turning over but not firing, what next!! put bike at VT servo and mate had to drive back to shepp to get ute to come back for my baby :cry: :cry:
    so she is now back at the dealership, and wont be able to be checked till at least wedneday... any idea what the hell could be wrong?? oh and if you read this all the way through you must be very bored or will be by now.. thanks for listening..

  2. Out of fuel?

    Fuel blockage?

    Plug lead broke?

    Fuse gone?

    Sorry you had such an ordinary weekend!
    Hopefully the weather holds out and you get your bike back in time for the next one.
  3. not fuel, had just refuelled only 20 mins earflier, full tank..
    and could smell the fuel coming through so isnt a blockage(i think)

    maybe 1 of the other 2...
  4. That is a sucky weekend, still hopefully soon the bike will be back on the road and you can forget all your problems and it will just be you and the road. The best way to spend any day on this earth. :)
  5. well, the good thing about a weekend like that is that it makes all the ordinary ones seem exceptional! sorry to hear it all and here's to a bunch of good times to come...
  6. Check the fuses. They should be under the seat.
    They're cheap and easy nd solve a problem that's much larger than they are! You can also do it yourself really easily.

    I got a new indicator on my bike and it used to short the whole bike out whenever I indicated right! Did a fuse everytime... had to stop, get the tool kit out, replace the fuse [cheers to the gixxer rider who asked if I was ok].
    Then ride home.

    Hope the bike problem isn't an expensive one! :)
  7. sorry about your nan :cry: hope your bikes alright too
  8. That sux, mate. :(

    I hope your week improves.
  9. Sorry to hear of your loss Rach.
    Bummer on the bike. If prob all sorted out & bike back on road & your just itchin for a ride. Feel free to head over my way, & just drop in for coffee. Wont be going anywhere on weekend. ( lol if we home, yeah should be, Mr Charmed has to work on Sat )
  10. oh that sucks so hard :(
    hopefully things will start looking up for you soon!! let us know if we can help at all.
  11. Sorry to hear about your Gran.

    Sounds like you got a years full of bad luck out of the way in one weekend. Chin up. Here's hoping the bike problem will be minor.
  12. yeah the bad times remind me to appreciate the good, also forgot to mention that missed turn of so fuel station and ended up in a slide in the gravel, in which i recovered from impressively but deep down sh*&ing myself, and left bank card at home so the boys helped out by paying my fuel and shouting me lunch.. :LOL: :LOL: should leave it home more often, ive learnt how to solve the incrasing fuel prices.. :grin:
    yeah im not overly stress too much, spose it gives me time to catch up on my domestic duties, besides school holidays have me at home with daughter when im not at work anyhoo, cant wait till i can take her for a spin.. she only 6 now... *sigh*
  13. sorry to hear of your loss... violet... grans and pops are the best... they spoil you at just the right times.

    nice work on the recovery too... hope the bike is back in order soon.
  14. WV,

    Sounds like you had a pretty full weekend, cheer up and look at the positives.

    You met some great people who shared your love for your gramma, found someone to get cheap bike bits from, celebrated someone's life and I think it sounds like that grams wouldn't have wanted it any other way. :)

    Still pretty sad though, my condolences.
  15. hey Rach' sorry to here about your gran, she'd be pretty proud of the way you've turned out though. :)

    may be you got some bad fuel, pretty unusual these days though.
    how far since u filled up did it cut out? does it have fuel tap? is it in right position?

    and as sugested check fuses
  16. fueled up maybe 20 mins earlier, but so did the other so it couldnt be bad batch.. yes my tap was in right position :p

    yeah i know nan would be proud, i heard alot of that actually :grin: