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What a weekend!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by firefling, Nov 7, 2004.

  1. Firstly, on Friday, I missed my train due to too much fun drinking and chatting with others on Friday night. I owe Orlando a free lunch since he kindly gave me a lift home :)

    Saturday afternoon, I went off to the railway station to pick up my car where I left the day before. When I got there, I discovered I left my lights on, hence flat batteries and waiting in the rain for RACV to help me. :roll:

    Well, as you know, flat batteries should be given a drive around so I enlisted Sluglie's help to keep me company while I aimlessly drove around to end up in the mountains for lunch. We lingered 5 minutes overtime, cause it absolutely hammered down when we decided to leave.

    Saturday night, was bcskidog's farewell BBQ, and as I'm leaving my place I armed my security, and shut the locked door before I realised my keys were inside. As I live by myself, there's nobody I can turn to.

    Sunday morning, I discovered I had a flat tyre. :shock: Changed it, went home, climbed up on the roof to see if I can loosen tiles to climb down the manhole, but it was raining, and slippery on the roof, so I enlisted my neighbours help, broke one of the windows and ran inside with fingers in the ears while sirens are blaring before I could disarm the alarm.

    I'm glad to say, the weekend's almost over, and I'm going to bed now. All in all, I'd say normal weekend for me. :shock: So how was anybody else's weekend?? :D

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :p :p :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :wink:
  2. You win!!! I just mowed the lawns and went for a short but eneventful ride. Hope you have a better week.

    ps. the mower started first pull and no dramas on the bike.
  3. I worked all weekend :oops:
  4. fishing at eildon
    we were wetter then the freakin fish

    except for the 2 unlucky ones in my freezer
  5. I work 15 hour days thursdays and fridays.

    I spent Saturday catching up on sleep as usual.

    Today went for a drive to Hazelwood to visit the Grandmothers Grave, then onto Morwell to visit the grandfather and finaly we went to Traralgon to visit the relos.
    They own an eatery.
    What is it with wogs and Food????????
    Drove home in the shitty rain and i'm still bloated :)
  6. Oh Fling, sounds like you had a weekend you would like to forget in a hurry. Bring on Monday! :D

    I went to a fundraising event for cancer research. Most people got dressed up as doctors or nurses. I made my own original nurses outfit. I had a fantastic night. Feeling a bit worse for wear today though :cry:
    Oh well, an early night will fix that O:)
  7. Had a long weekend (friday included) and took the other half along the Alpine Road. Couldn't see anything due to HEAVY fog and rain, but it was 3 days away from the usual routine, so worth it in the end.
  8. Well, your weekend was much better than mine... I'm cramming :( 5 more hours of final exams tomorrow! Yay...