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What a week for a noob!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Middle Child, Jan 6, 2011.

  1. On Christmas Eve I waited for 50 mins at the good old RTA to finally get my full bike licence. For Christmas the wife had given me a Fox Creek Jacket but then we headed down the coast for the holiday and so no bike until Tuesday just gone.
    I get set to head back to work and 7 am Tuesday I can't get the bike to start. I try everything. Call my brother (the mechanic) who comes round and immediately spies that I set the fuel to OFF while I was on holiday. He spends 5 mins laughing at me but then offers to trade bikes for the day. My Honda CB250 for his Ninja 750. Thank you very much!!! It feels almost wrong to have so much power in such a small movement of the wrist!!!
    The next day I am back on my Honda and heading to work. I come off the Gladesville Bridge and merge to head up to Hunter's Hill and I feel something tap my toe. I don't see anything but keep going. Get to work to discover my handlebar end protector has dropped off. Headed back to the spot today; parked the bike and braved the traffic and found the end piece and the bolt.
    I am completely stocked - even when things don't go to plan the motorcycle gods come to the rescue.

  2. Luck for you! Now go buy a lotto ticket!
  3. Or a better bike
  4. On Saturday my Father in law hands over his Honda CBR1100. This will get interesting!
  5. 25hp to 140hp at the wheel? and double the weight. good for you 8-[

    i sorta feel ya pain but, after 8 months and a total refurbishment of the engine and frame. you know what killed my long weekend of cutting tracks? a friggen valve ripped out of the tube :busting: and no shops open on the long weekend. i had to sit and stare at the bike with a flat tyre with a back drop of 20 acres just waiting to be ripped up :nopity:
  6. Doing well to find the lost bar weight, reminds me of the time I had the gear shift lever full off the bike (though didn't have to ride far to notice that was missing).