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What a stunner of a day

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Charmed, Oct 1, 2006.

  1. How could one not go for a ride today?
    Screw the housework etc.

    Not long been back from a quick trip to Tocumwal & back.
    Few bikes out, lots of families with cars loaded up either going home or going on holidays.

    Nice to see the road on the Vic side of Toc been well looked after, was a pleasure going through those twisties. Everyone sticking to the speed limit, no idiots out, couple cop cars doing there thing, but all is good in this part of world :grin:

  2. I spent the afternoon in a pretty heated argument that ended up with me almost in tears....
    with the bloody lawn mower...grrrrr.

    Oh well, the lawns will still be there tomorrow!
  3. Engine sitting in pieces for a start - been sitting here all day doing homework listening/watching bikes roar past havin' a ball :| It's nice weather down here too apart from the odd gust of wind.
  4. just about to head out for round two :grin:
  5. Finished my Ls prac test at about 11:30, got home and went for a sneaky ride down to the car park and buzzed around there, wasn'y much but its better to be safe than sorry. Double demerits, i'd lose my licence before i even get it :grin:
    Go to do my computer test on Tues, Damn long weekend :grin: :wink:
  6. The ZZR hasn't started all week,
    Then today, turned the key, pushed the starter. and away she went.....

    Went for a quick spin down Beach Road,
    Not too much to happening down there (or to look at).

    Just got back home.
  7. i took the bike down to wilbyPark to watch a mate drag his car and on the skid pan.. ive never seen so many helmets and so few bikes :shock: :LOL: maybe ten bikes there maximum..

    was great day.. wasnt sure which way to go once i got into tungamah, at the yarrawonga turn off but a guy who lives on the corner seemed to read my mind and said, you go that way love! didnt even need to ask, how nice!!
  8. Its the same over here in Perth. Mid 20's, sunny, minimal wind.

    I got on the bike this morning at 9am, its now 3pm and i've jsut walked in. Only been off the bike twice since 9am - once to fuel up and pick up some food, and another time to sit under a tree and stuff my face.

    Got a mate here from the UK at the moment, its great to show him what life in Perth is all about.

    great stuff.
  9. So it hasn't been to the mechanic yet and she came back to life? Excellent stuff! Good day for it too. Spent 2 hours out there this morning, was perfect weather.
  10. i just did a 3rd gear wheelie :woot:
    its party time :LOL: :grin:
    now i feel super dooper cool :cool:
  11. Fabulous weather on the beautiful South Coast of NSW too, I've just got back from a liesurely tootle up Macquarie Pass and round a few of the backroads, just fabulous.

    But I don't know what double-demerit points saus about most riders; there are alomst no bikes on the road and was only one bike on a perfect afternoon at the Robbo Pie Shop. Surely it doesn't mean that people won't ride unless they can break the law without undue punishment???
  12. I just got back from Port Campbell riding along the GOR. It was magical. :cool:
    I particularly enjoyed the down hill decreasing radius "corkscrew" coming in to Lavers' Hill. It is wonderful.
  13. WHAT A RIDE!!!

    What a day it was, i ventered out of the house today on my own at about 2pm. Was beautiful outside. Was going to ride the black spur but dont really know how to get there so i did kinglake and chumcreek heasvele twice each.
    I think i have found a new level to my bike. i dont know what i did i wasent thinking about it i was just doing it but in one left corner on the return trip threw king lake i managed to scrape my boot in a left hander and i guessing thats where i lost the nut off the foot peg too cause i hear soemthing fly off the bike. (im guessing it was lose cause i dont think it is phiscally posiable to get the pegs down on a CBR. I am spewing i was alone it would have been nuts too see it. Hope you all had a good day i guess its just a taste of what is still to come.
  14. :LOL: I dont do lawns ... Caz next time pay 1 of the kids in the street ten bucks to cut the lawn

    Oh bummer dude, hope you get it back in piece soon, & stop all this self torment. At least you got the homework done. Well should of anyway

    wedge, dont blow it before you even begun. :wink:

    jaws, woohoooo see the ZZR knows a good day when it see's one

    Rach, lol nothin like a local up in this part of the world, you must have looked lost girl,

    To everyone else ... what else can be said, took advantage of a lovely day, we all enjoyed & most importantly all home in one piece.
  15. You know me, Hornet - I abide by the road rules as much as humanly possible. I'm firmly of the belief that if you don't do anything wrong then you shouldn't have anything to worry about. But even I feel a little on edge around double demerit time. Just in case I get disracted by something like a stupid cager and end up going a little faster during an avoidance move before slowing down once I realise I am over a bit. If your timing is awful and for whatever reason you just stray slightly it can have a huge impact. 68 in a 60 and you've lost half your licence. So it doesn't take much to stray and get walloped hard.

    The other aspect is that aside from the severity of straying, I have a fundamental objection to the concept of double demerits. The fact that they say that on day X, a particular breach of the rules is twice as bad as day Y really annoys me. If you break the law and say do 80 in a 60, how is that any less dangerous when it isn't a long weekend. If the penalty system is working correctly there shouldn't be a need to apply double demerits. More Police presence when more people are travelling - yes. But increased penalties - no.
  16. Re: WHAT A RIDE!!!

    Go into Healesville proper and follow the road through town out the other side of town. The Black Spur is where the corners start getting closer together :wink:
  17. went for a ride yesterday

    14 of us went on the ride
    from the
    Royal pub at FTG
    to Belgrave to Belgrave south
    to upper Beaconsfield
    through the back to pakenham
    to gembrook stopped for a drink at the pub then
    to launching place
    had a great lunch at the woori pub
    then back via yellingbow
    to emerald
    to monbulk
    to belgrave
    to the Royal

    Great ride :grin:

    Great company :applause:

    Exellent Camaraderie

    :applause: Fanbloodytastic weather :applause:

    Heaps of other Riders out up there
  18. Spent most of the day at Calder Park Raceway (Rider Bros) getting off my Ls. And PASSED!!. Bring on the next 364 days, then I'll upsize to the next bike.

    Got home and was still on a high so went for a quick ride out to Greensborough and back. Fantastic day.
  19. Yep, sure was a great day.....got up to the black spur for a couple of runs and there were literally hundreds of bikes up there....did anyone else see the accident up there yesterday? it was about 3 k's past healsville, an old bloke on a harley decided to chuck it down the road. I saw them walking him to the ambulance and he looked ok but had a pretty sore leg.
  20. That'll teach all them sports-bike riders, thinking that they can monopolise the crash statistics, eh, Kris???

    Glad to hear he seemed OK. I did a couple of rides on the Black Spur when I was down for the Dinner, both during the week; the traffic was minimal, and the surface is even better than I remember it last time, just a fabulous road.

    And it's anpther classic day here on the South Coast of New South and no-one's posted a ride; might have to go by myself....