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What a silly NiteKreeper

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by NiteKreeper, Apr 18, 2012.

  1. On the freeway tonight I failed to leave enough room in front of me in the pouring rain, so when the car in front stopped suddenly (while I was looking elsewhere, I might add...) I immediately knew I had nowhere near enough space to stop.
    Instinctively I aimed for the split without even touching the brakes, and I reckon there was less than a gnat's tadger between me and both cars.
    Fucking stupid, and fucking lucky.
    Have at it...

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  2. Lucky to get through that one in one piece! Well done on avoiding and at least you know what your error was. Ride safe.
  3. Yes, silly. But well done on the quick reaction.
  4. Well that'll teach you.

    Interesting that your bike reactions (along with a thumping slice of luck) saved the day :D.
  5. I agree on the stupid but not on the luck.

    I suspect that luck played a very small part and skill and experience played an awful lot more.
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  6. I suspect skill and experience played a small part and putting your right glove on first played an awful lot more.
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  7. The key to survival is recognising when you're the one who made the mistake and then taking learnings from it. Well done on avoiding what would have been a messy crash.
  8. Thanks, that's high praise.
    I'll take "experience" since I'll split whenever I can, but I was seriously lucky the gap was there - I was in the left track of the fast lane and in that slop, the far-right wasn't an option...

    Two words: "lucky fishnets" ;)
  9. The hazard of good situational awareness is of course, that you have to be looking away from what is directly in front of you at least some of the time. Glad you made it.
  10. Meh. You're alive, no damage. Enough space was left.
  11. Arse, Beats Class, any day, Hahahahahaahahahahaha,

    Sphinture Pucker Moment,

    Glad you pulled it off,

    Keep that bike of yours straight, You have a June appointment, with it under your Bum,

    And was she worth the look, Hahahahaha
  12. ouch, close call

    you know, evern if you think your reflexes are pretty average, sometimes you surprise yourself and you react exactly as the good books say you should, without even thinking about it.....
  13. Ah, I was assuming you were still car bound. If you were on the bike, there was slightly less luck involved.
  14. Brilliant NK. No lock up. No fixation. Best exit. mmmm curry dud's
  15. No curry duds; I clenched so hard you couldn't have slid a credit card between my butt cheeks...
    I've done the usual going over it in my head eleventy-twelve times, and I still can't remember what I was looking at.
    By crikey I'll be leaving a gap tomorrow though...
  16. If you cant remember what you were looking at probably means you were scanning.
    Otherwise some bright red tail lights would be splattered in your brain. Looking for a way out in the rain is the hardest. It's hard to really focus when all is not that clear in the first place.
    And yeah at least three seconds @ 80k's or above when it's wet. Even @ 60 really.
    Then again if there is surface water you have to make the call.
    Close it too a second and use his tyres washing out a path for you and risk being a boot ornament. Or staying at least four seconds back so the water is back but smooth and not rushing to fill from both sides
  17. sometimes what we call luck is really more to do with experience and skill, maybe the crash monkeys were looking the other way or JUST maybe your years of riding in all conditions kicked in and skill took over.. either way you made it.. Don't try it too often though mate.. sometimes those crash monkeys are just sitting and waiting for ya..
  18. Such a crap day for the bike today in Sydney. Grats on the skilful manoeuvring NK.
  19. Glad you're still with us, good work.
  20. Got my once a week ride from Wollongong (work) to Pittwater (home) tomorrow, sweating on the rain clearing up - thanks for the timely reminder to increase my gap. Fudging rain, fudging Sydney drivers - bah.