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What a save......

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Bazzalong, Sep 17, 2013.

  1. howdy ladies and gents

    as I was coming home tonight on my k6 gsxr 1000, I had to do a detour to do some shopping

    I went a particular way through Montmorency in Melbourne because it has some nice corners on which to tip the beast over and practice my weight shifting, anyway I came to a particular left hander which is quite tight and sort of goes uphill and is a bit bumpy. I threw the bike into this corner at what I thought was a comfortable speed to get it tipped over sufficiently enough to excite me (more than 30 but less than 60) and as im halfway into the corner I lose my front end...... she gets all crossed up and I feel the bike about to go down but my foot hits the road while still on the peg and somehow it flicks the bike back up

    needless to say it scared the shit out of me, and I am counting my lucky stars, but honestly I thought that sort of save was not possible at all

    has this ever happened to anyone else?


  2. I wouldn't count on it playing out like that again. Time to go and buy a lotto ticket.

    Are you sure it was your foot hitting the road that flicked the bike back up, and not the fact that it gained grip again?

    Did you go back to see if there was anything on the road that caused the initial loss of traction?
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  3. Never happened to me, hope it never does. Well done on the save, glad your ok. Would be a shame to hear of a wrecked k6. Any idea why the front end went bye bye? Just too much lean or was there something slippery on the road.
  4. Yes, have lost the front a few times. It is fun, isn't it? You can save some bucks on coffee if you do it often enough.

    Just let it do its thing and hopefully it grips again.
  5. A mate had picked up a new VFR when they first came out, and was doing a bit of testing on the Yarra Blvd. A few of the mates went along to get a few pics as well (so there is proof of this out there).

    Coming through the 180 up towards E Freeway something let go (think it was the rear as put the gas on), and see the bike go down, then back up and over the other side. Fcuk knows how, but it comes up again and mate coasts to a stop, kicks side stand down and falls off bike.

    We all get down to him and find only one broken fairing bracket and a couple of sore knees. Never seen anything else like it. Definitely no lotto ticket - used up all his luck that day.
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  6. ^^^ well, fcuk!
  7. Yep did that on a scooter. The corner had a light on it so even though a nice tight corner it gets oil everywhere. Big lesson learnt.
  8. Where's a go pro when this happens??

  9. Almost the exact same thing happened to me many years ago and I still thank who ever was watching over me as it just happened and had nothing to do with my riding ability or even thinking about it.

    And yes I had to go home and change my underwear also.

    What do they say..."God looks after Drunkards, Fools, and the Irish".. Well I'm not a Drunkard or Irish so that just leaves.......;)
  10. definitely my foot, I felt the scuff as it happened and have marks on my boot. I didn't go back to look I just bailed, got a couple of hundred meters down the road and was like WTF????? ive been through that corner hundreds of times just not at that angle, I think it may have been the bumps in the road that contributed to it

    I wish I had a go pro to get that sort of thing, although if I had a go pro it probably would have shown me binning the bike!

    seriously tho, I cant believe it didn't go down, id buy a lotto ticket but I don't think I have any luck left!

    thanks all
  11. The only thing I am dealing with as far as safetys concerned is roundabouts !!!!Keep scraping the tupperware on the Burgman, must be a leftover from the Norton days lol
  12. i doubt your foot had anything to do with it, front slipped and recovered.

    I don't doubt your boot touched the ground, the toes of my boots are ground down, even riding with my toes on the pegs

    last time it happened to me was on the way home from a tour and my front tyre was bald, i went through that corner on the old road that had a sign out saying "water across road" I'd largely ignored the sign before only this time with no tread grooves to disperse the water, the front wheel washed out, it hit the dry road and gripped again. split second feeling of Zero g's.
  13. This happened to me today coming home from a ride through Bannons lane (love that little bit of road) to Hurstbridge and back. Riding back through the estate which has a nice roundabout which I get some nice lean through, but somehow It didn't sink in that it was raining.. lost the front end for a sec. As Iclint said split second of zero g's then it flicked right back up :D
  14. Since we are sharing, front end slipped a little, poo came out, bike recovers on its own, continue riding like the ham fisted troglodyte I am.
    I am gradually getting my head around the idea that grip is only ever relative, a bit of dirt biking helps. And as such, the poo comes out rather less and I am managing the front to rear balance more betterer.
  15. Yup - had mid corner front issues.......not nice.

    I can only recall one big "moment" from the front (possibly as it was only a couple of weeks ago) where I thought I was going to be farked......

    Before I knew it the bike re-settled - add a bit of power and let it right itself......my corner was farked and I was extremely wide and nearly off the other side (thank Dog for no oncoming traffic) - made me think.
  16. I reckon it gripped up as your foot hit... Not your foot holding it..... Lucky boy.
  17. I had something similar happen, but on a nice big sweeping left corner on an uphill. An overflowing gutter from the high side of the road (lots of water) pretty much lifted my front wheel from the road. A little bit of sideways, a little bit of nearly horizontal, and a little bit (lots) of terror and about half a second later, me, my 8 months of riding experience and my bike that was very nearly a pancake were very grateful to be moving in a vertical position.
    At the time I was riding a CB125 which only weighs 130(ish) kgs, and I was sitting right back on the seat. I learnt a pretty valuable lesson about keeping weight properly positioned around a corner and into an unusual situation. I also decided that maybe by little runabout wasn't heavy enough for what I was demanding from it.
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    Worst one i had was turning left in to a side street from a 70k zone, probably doing 75 approaching said street in the left lane, whilst vehicles coming up on me quickly.

    got a little bit happy with the rear brake, locked it up and it came round on me (to the right)

    Shit myself, but dirt biking days took over, stood up slightly, stayed off the front brake and managed to just keep sliding the back wheel and holding the bike sideways until it straightened up and i turned the corner.

    Felt like a bit of a boss, but also a massive fcukwit.