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What a rush!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by woodsy109, Sep 21, 2007.

  1. So after a year of riding taking a fairly easy pace (this is my first bike), I have gradually been improving my riding, getting smoother and leaning more. About 4 months ago I started to feel a little uneasy about the pace I was getting to with only some jeans and a dririder for protection so I bought myself a leather suit and some boots. My girlfriend laughed at my seemly over the top protective gear and the amount I spent (wierd I know but she hasn't really seen anyone with gravel rash so is a little naive about it). Anyway the purchasing of the suit brought with it a new challenge - put some marks on the knee sliders!

    And today I did. Both of them. Now I wasn't really in a hurry to do it, mostly I concentrated on getting a good line and becoming smoother. I didn't think that getting my knee down on the road would be such a defining moment, but wow was I wrong! It's addictive!

    It don't really think I was going any faster than I usually do, I think I just held my entry speed through the corner more. Whatever I was doing worked and after clocking up a little over 9000k's on the CBR, the deed is done.

    Some might think that I should have done it before now and others may think i'm reckless for doing it on a public road, but I have always been very careful not to go beyond my limits and normally ride on the ranges around Cairns during the week when the traffic is light.

    Anyway for those that haven't got there yet (and want to), keep at it because it is worth it!
  2. Well, you just let it happen, rather than trying to get your knee down...THAT'S the most rewarding way. If you push hard to try and make it happen, you usually end up looking like a wanker, or crashing...so well done...it IS a good feeling is'nt it. :grin: :grin:
  3. cairns has some great roads and after being there last week i was spewwing that i didnt have my bike :cry: I would love to have a run up the gillies hway :grin:
  4. Yeah we do. I went up the Kuranda range today. They have just resurfaced a fair bit of it and its a brilliant road. The traffic sometimes slows you down though thats not a problem on the gillies usually.

    Next time your up this way send me a pm. You never know I might be generous enough to let you go for a strap up there :wink:
  5. Excuse me for asking, but what happens if your knee goes into a pothole?? :p
  6. Or trying to knock the reflectors off the road (Raven)
  7. Hmmm, I was thinking of asking for a pair of leather motorcycle strides for my 40th next year.

    May be the path to exploring the Bandit's capabilities........esp with some advice from Raven!
  8. Problem being that i'm in NSW now :(