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What a race!!! *Spoiler*

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by N1GH7-R1D3R, Sep 18, 2005.

  1. WOW!! Just finished watching the GP on channel Ten and boy WHAT A RACE!!! There was an exciting even at almost everyturn until the last few laps where things got into a rythm. hmmm it'll be interesting to see the write up in AMCN on the Rossi and Melandri incidence as i bet will happen.

    What a ride by Loris. He was throwing the duke in sideways and exiting even more so, very exciting to watch. Good to see Ducati get another win on the board. He sure is confident with those new tyres. Also it was pretty interesting to see Biaggi actually hit a bit of form to grab second place, just a pity he's done it so late. Could hae been quite interesting if he rode that way all year!!


  2. Hmmm...as far as races go this year Id say that was one of the most boring. I hate that track, always makes for shitty racing (usually cause a couple of wildcards piss off into the distance). Rossi fooked up again...didnt pull it off this time tho. I wonder how many people will crap on about Melandri being a pussy cause he says his ankle is sore.

    The 250's was far more exciting. Watching Pedrosa and De Agelis go at it. And Stoner ended up on the 3rd step!! Wooo....
  3. I didn't get to watch the 250's and 125's. They don't get televised until MIDNIGHT :evil:
  4. The only positive from that race was Rossi crashing out. That a Ducati won and that Bayliss is out, possibly for the rest of the season, were negatives that I would rather not dwell upon...
  5. Hmmm, the 125cc race was pretty exciting, 'specially how it ended!

    After Melandri and Rossi crashed out in their races, it became very boring, fast.
  6. I thought all three races were good, fairly tightly contested (esp the lower classes) and pleasing to see someone other than VR win. I thought he had a momentary brain fade, but, to his credit, he seemed very solicitous towards Melandri straight afterwards.

    Given that he hit Melandri's right leg at barely reduced speed, I think that Melandri has ever reason to complain of a sore leg!!!

    Far too many crashes, don't know how to account for that, maybe the track, or maybe people getting a bit "antsy" about contract renewals.
  7. Not wrong, OUCH.

    Wasn't home this arvo to watch it on Foxtel but caught the usual highlight on the Ch 7 news tonight.
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