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what a numbskull

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by raven, Sep 5, 2006.

  1. So there I am on the new Blackbird...relaxed... slowly and calmly filtering through the middle of cars stopped at traffic lights...No problems at all...everything under control...

    The space between cars gets a little thin, so I decide to traverse across to the inside lane, and I monouvre beween two stopped cars. The one in front considerately moves forward a few feet to give me some room.

    I look left to make sure there is nothing coming...clear....turn the bike to the right as I ease out the clutch to move off again, and kachonk...engine stalls...but I have the front wheel turned, don't I....Bike trips over and squishes me beween the bike and the car I was manouvering around, with the bike only 1/2 way over from a full drop.

    So there I am pretty well pinned against the rear 1/4 panel, with the weight of the bike on me.

    (around about now it would have been nice if the drongo in the car behind had gotten out and gave me a hand to ease the bike off me, but oh no)

    Instead, I have to struggle myself, and as a result of busting a gut to get the bike off me, my a*se pushes in the rear 1/4 panel of the car I am leaning against.

    By now the driver of the car that now has my A*se Imprinted on his nice car get's out and comes around to see if I am ok...does'nt even mention the panel...more concerned if the bike is damaged.

    Anyway...not a scratch on the bike, and one ruined 1/4 panel for the poor bugger in the car, who was VERY decent about the whole event.
    (And a severe case of back strain for me)

    What a day to start out the morning commute....looking like a complete wanker in front of all the cages, and an "L" plater on a little 125 scooter sitting in the traffic line who I had only just filtered passed. eurgh!
    (I bet he had a good laugh!)

    Any amount of experience does'nt exclude one from such 'little mishaps'.

  2. oh, thats a bit of bad luck, hope you haven't hurt your back to badly.....it's sure was a good read though, glad to hear the bikes not damaged aswell
  3. John,

    Sorry to hear that - I am imminently about to get my 'bird - good thing to watch for. Hope you are ok and the bike is ok - did you sort things out with the driver of the car you leaned on?
  4. Sitting here reading thinking to self " oh my god he didnt drop it, whats the damage ? etc"

    Out of dropping it completly or being pinned against a car .. I go the pinned option. Those birds are HEAVY

    Good to see the driver finally came out & helped out, & asked about the bike. As for your arse print ... lol probably nothing more then being able to push it out.

    Look after your back, make sure you didnt do any damage to self.
  5. good to hear your ok (except for a bit of back strain)
    and the bird is fine
    gee even cagers helped instead of stareing at you as the drive past could have been so much worse
    take it easy john

  6. Raven, if you need a someone to sort out your back, I can recommend a really good osteo in Carlton. Fix you up quick smart :wink: [/i]
  7. Sorry to hear raven,
    This is why Don't trust cagers and only filter where I have confirmed space!
    I have had a few incidences in the past and even had one cager go out of her way to block me in stopped traffic i ended up taking off her mirror!

    Get well and try not to get yourself in a perdicament next time!

  8. Yep...I sorted it out with the poor bloke who's got my ar*se-print in his car - no worries there. (although I hope the panel just pops out and it aint a full on new skin etc.)

    In thinking about it, it has become obvious what caught me out.
    My FJR was a fair bit heavier, bit it had a much better turning lock on it, and I would have been able to save it, I believe.
    But with the more limited lock on the Blackbird, I just ran out of front wheel turn-in to help counter the sudden stop when I stalled it.

    Learned alot from it, overall.

    Back is stiff, but I think it's just muscles, so a few hot baths and massage tomorrow, should get me going again. :)

    What erks me the most is having to postpone my Farkle buying until I have paid for the damge to the car (groan)

  9. That would have been really embarrassing. You goose!

    (what's a farkle?)
  10. Ohhh thats funny :LOL: thanks for the laugh :p
    If only that got caught on video. I hope you reach the stage where you can have a laugh at it too, you sure brightened my afternoon.
    Glad all (except the 1/4 panel, which may have life long counselling ) are ok
  11. That's a damn lie! I have lots of experience and I never make mistakes, how dare you imply that I do, I'm perfect, and that is the kind of typical blinkered pig-ignorance I expect from all you imperfect garbage, and there is nothing wrong with sucking my thumb, Einstien did it, and Napoleon, and Muffy the dancing poodle, and by the way........zzzzzzzzzz
  12. Inci - so hows your hands - had to move the bike lately - LOL
  13. Well that's a story to tell teh grand kids, as for the cager who got out, respect to him for caring more about the Bird. I think the Bird maybe more comfortable doing 200 clicks down the freeway rather than filtering. :)
  14. Bloody Oath, Loz...felt, and musta looked like a real blonk.. :oops:

    Farkles are bit's n pieces we riders buy for our bikes. :)

  15. You're absolutely correct Inci - you never make mistakes... and by the way that's Einstein not Einstien :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  16. Phaaa...silly imperfect bugger couldn't even spell his own name....so I'm still perfect....so there....dribble....dribble......
  17. Dude I am so not going to laugh who am I kidding! :LOL: