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What a night!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Sep 5, 2008.

  1. Last night in the overpriced emporium that calls itself Deus Ex Machina, Jim Scaysbrook and Rennix Publishing launched Jim's latest book, "The Castrol Six Hour Production Race; A complete history, 1970 - 1987".

    Shall I tell you who was there, apart from the remarkable Jim himself, and the equally loquacious Will Hagon?

    Warren Willing
    Rod Cox
    Tony Hatton
    Roger Heyes
    Michael Dowson
    Lyndsay Walker (Avon Tyres)
    Ron Kivovitch
    Peter Addison
    Kevin Cass
    Dave Burgess
    Emanuel Blanco
    Joe Eastmure
    Murray and Jeff Sayle
    Kevin McGee
    Don Cox (author of many books himself)
    Rob Phillis
    Stephen Gall
    Richard Scott
    Sean Giles
    AND, Mrs Coralie Giles, Sean's mum, and the widow of the late Paul Giles, whose idea the Six Hour was in the beginning.

    And I've no doubt many others, but these at least have autographed my own copy of the book, and a second one, which, I hope, may be valuable beyond its purchase price because of these signatures :wink:.

    I can't think of another reason which would bring such an awesome group of riders and luminaries together under one roof.

    Unfortunately, in a typical piece of Hornet planning, the battery in my camera went flat after three or four pictures, but there was a pro photographer at the do, and I shall get some of his shots from Jim and post them up.

    It is now available, although only 30 copies were for sale on the night due to a shipping glitch; as of Wednesday next week, the full shipment will be in the shops.

  2. Would have been a big night, I reckon. Wish I was there.
  3. Gardner probably deserves a mention too. Old 'Father Time' has certainly had his way with a few of them eh?
  4. alright, alright, enough already!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You were obviouly there, why didn't you identify yourself :? :?
  5. Dave Burgess was not there.
  6. Neither was I....cos you sure would have known.

    And by the way why were you there? Did you race in the 6 hour?
  7. I was there by invitation because I supplied some of the photographs for the book ......
  8. Just goes to show that talent means nothing....dear oh dear.
  9. which also explains why you weren't invited...
  11. I'll have a soft drink, but yeah :) I don't remember every crossing swords with you when you were racing, I can't for the life of me imagine why I'm the target for malice now. I'd welcome the opportunity to meet you again.

    It is a pity that you and some others couldn't have been there, though, it was an amazing night, although Will did keep the formal stuff going for just a tad too long, but that's Will :LOL:.
  12. I though Dave Burgess had died,and looking at that pic,man am I as old as all those old racers,as per usual lots would have loved to be there if we knew about it.
  13. :oops: The guy I thought was Dave Burgess was actually Kevin Cass :oops:

    I know, they don't or didn't look at all alike, but, hey, it was along time ago, and I haven't seen any of those wonderful people for over 30 years (except for Wayne, of course).
  14. No problem this end except for the Boulden stuff.
    I remember sitting on the grid on grid 1 at Amaroo and Stivano and Noel Christensen (from memory) were touting "little Ronny" as the next Mike Hailwood. I thought to myself.......what a load of old cobblers. That was the race that HE took me out.
    Cost me the Aussie title and probably millions of pounds in endorsements!!!!
  15. and I've never defended that, but I also wasn't to blame for it, okay??
  16. I agree with you for once ol mate !!
  17. I was a big fan, and I could have kicked his backside for such a stupid (and unnecessary) mistake.

    It was great to see Cameron McMillan there last night, he's getting a bit frail, but the old eyes still twinkle.

    It DID remind me of who SHOULD have been there too; Blakey and Jim and others who aren't with us any more :(.
  18. Wasn't there don't even live in the same country, just received the photo in an email this morning and thought it fit this thread.

    No you didn't Paul, you just took some of the photos, the riders are the ones who supplied them, don't get ahead of yourself.
  19. I'll let you take that up with author, and the publisher, but I'm sure I rode out to Oberon and delivered a pile of pictures to Jim, and appear in the credits at the back of the book. Then again I only have a couple of copies of the book in my hand, and was there, so I could be wrong :roll:.

    {you were doing alright until you made yourself look like a berk again, weren't you?}
  20. How much is the book? Is it factual?
    If it gives Rotten Ronnie a mention then I refuse to even read it !!!
    Only joking.