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What a night!!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by MrMike, Apr 27, 2007.

  1. Decided because it was such a nice night tonight that i would take the gixxer out for a run over to the northern beaches so i threw my bro on the back and off we went....got over the harbour bridge and onto military road.....was riding along sticking to the speed limit......next thing a car swerves so deliberately in front of me forcing me to grab the brakes.........i was seriously pissed off but i thought sometimes bikes can be hard to see so i didn't think anymore of it.....i was still behind him and he just suddenly jumped on the brakes...nothing in front of him.....forced me into a front wheel slide luckily stayed upright.

    He stopped at some lights and my bro jumped off to see what his problem was. this old guy jumps out of his car swearing and grabbed my bros arms.......light turned green and my bro pushed him off and got back on the bike as i take off this dick head grabbed my brothers leg and tried to pull him off the bike.

    i was so pissed off..........its people like him that make some of us riders a statistic.......so i went to the police station and made a formal complaint....

    And then to make matters worse on the way home there must have been just one rain cloud just over me....starts pooring rain....guess it was just one of those nights.......

    end of rant

  2. follow up the complaint.

    the cops must contact him to discuss it.
  3. Mike - full moon ? That guy sounds like a complete nutbag !
  4. :shock: some people can be crazy!

    But to do that thats insane!!

    hope you get a follow up on this doosh bag!
  5. wtf!?

    that's crazy.

    not sure about the legalities since you reported it but i'm sure some of us here in syd would like a description of:

    a. the idiot

    b. the car

    c. his plate number

    you know, just in case :wink:
  6. a. Old Bastard

    b. Blue Subaru Imprezza

    c. AGR-43X.....

    Screw the legalities......
  7. good i can feel the hate inside you, making you strong. :twisted: Now take the phone and strike him down with the long arm of the law and your journey to the darkside will be complete...
  8. plaster it up here.

    may make you feel better :)
  9. that old guy must have thought he was a master of "chuck norris roundhouse kicks" to want to physically try to rip your brother off your bike. Jumping out of your car and trying to take on two guys with helmets and protective clothing on doesn't sound sane (but would make a good video on youtube)
  10. He must have been havin one bad ass day........he's pretty lucky we arent really the violent type........the thing that shits me the most is that everyone else stopped at the lights were probably thinking. "look at these fu%*ing sports bike riders picking on that old man"

    Anyway its kinda funny looking back on it........i can still hear my brother yelling "he's got me" as i try and ride off..........

    and def. would have made a great vid on youtube
  11. Did he mention what his problem was? I mean, as you tell it (and I'm not doubting you) he cut you off, then went off. Did he think you'd cut him off? Did you introduce him to the birdie when he cut you off? The story just seems incomplete as it is.
  12. On northern beaches thursday is actually our drinking night, which probably explains it.
  13. Some people are just insane, there's no excuse for intimidation and crazy @ss behaviour. But I have to say, when I read this ^^ I cracked up. I just got this mental image of an old guy trying to pull your bro off your bike and him yelling "he's got me" :LOL:

    No, you're right, it's no laughing matter :oops:
  14. Always gets me that car drivers want to go toe to toe with bike riders who are in (full) gear. Don't know what you had but you had at least your helmet on. Mbiek boots usually can cripple a person with a nice swift kick to the shins and/or knee ;) And the knuckles on gloves help as well :twisted: Also if you're fully geared up, that helps with deflecting blows and with a helmet on, well lets say you most likely won't get a busted up face in a person to person situation. :)
  15. What a bloody nutcase. Old guy's in an impreza, must of thought he was hot shit. Hopefully i dont come across anyone like that, things might get messy with the abilities i have :grin: :wink: :p
  16. Bravus: Mate as far as i am aware i was doing absolutely nothing wrong........would be the first to admit if i had.........

    HAHAHA fuzzy i knew someone would find the humor in it.
  17. Fair enough mate: sometimes there's just no accounting for psychos ;)
  18. should of headbutted him with your helmet :LOL: :LOL: "he grabbed me first, it was self defence i swear officer" :LOL:
  19. Should have grabbed his keys and thrown them off the bridge
  20. Yeah, probably drunk. Sounds like a typical late middle age tosser in his youth car.

    Regards, Andrew.