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What a night

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by shabby, Jan 23, 2005.

  1. Well after a good night out and dropping some Chinese clients of at there hotel, the missus and i head of home.
    Taking the normal but dark roads home from Paterson Lakes to Berwick we were happily breaking the speed limit and sitting on 100kph........
    Now as i said dark road, in my rear vision mirror a faster car coming up behind me and when i say fast i mean damn f'n fast the car gets to within 80m of me, it has two choices so i thought hit me or hit the car in the other lane coming towards us, about now i actually said to the missus hold on tight were f*cked.
    Luck on my side she steered left onto the verge but unfortunately hit a damn thick power pole, car does a 720 back across the road comes to rest about 50-75m down the road from power pole........no front end left on the car at all
    I'm expecting the worst as i run to the car, no front end, smoke and all that crash site stuff i get to the drivers door and yeap she looks at me and says dont call the cops "I've been drinking"!
    without being a Doc, broken arm no other visual injuries. Maybe more might be found at hospital but man she can walk and talk just dandy..... yeah and run from the cops when they turned up :LOL:

    The cops took my details and asked what happened, i told them it's amazing she hit the pole at a minimum speed of 160kph the car, well there's not alot of that left and she walks away almost unharmed.....Incredible..
    It also amazed me how 4 other vehicles who witnessed it kept driving!

  2. So .... the cops did catch that woman?

    If not, I think she might be died on the way home.

    sometime it will take a little while to explore the internal injury, especially the accident was happend around 160kph.
  3. she didn't get far it was funny to watch, shock had set in broken arm and drunk attempting to run from the cops :LOL:

    The officer said she needs to get a formal statement from me during the day, she said she will inform me if the idjit suffered any other injuries.

    I've never had any humour at all for drunk driving and after seeing what i did tonight i now have even less, never thought that was possible
  4. what a stupid idiot, hope she loses her licence for a long time...
  5. Amen to that! Glad she didn't take you and your wife out too.
  6. hope she gets no mercy
  7. The police just came and took my statement, her injurys broken arm (between shoulder and elbow) and a couple of broken ribs no other injuries. Drunk yeap she was blood alcohol test was 1.8.
    They estimated speed of impact to be above 150kph, so to walk away with a broken arm and no licence wish i could be so lucky.
    She was also 800m from home, she told the police she wanted to get home as fast as possible so she would'nt get caught for drink driving, she believes she had a long blink when she opened her eyes there were two cars in front of her and oncoming car and me, she swerved hoping to end up in an empty paddock and not hit either of us, unfortunately Mr power pole got in her way.
  8. I travel alot and have seen alot of crashes, the people who doze of at the wheel usually very minor injuries but theres nothing left of the car, those who crash for other reasons swerving to miss a Roo or similar as you said they tense up and it does get messy.

    Her car, :LOL: she works for a Mazda dealership (i was talking to her boss on her mobile last night) so she had a brand spanking new borrowed for the night from work Mazda 6.
    I now have a new respect for Mazda if all there safety cells hold together that well i think i might even consider buying one.
  9. Wow what a story. I hate stupid morons like that, I hope she loses her license forever and gets a massive fine.
  10. now, speed was a "factor"... so does that mean the authorities will ignore the drunk bit and list it as yet another reason to install a revenue camera?

    If they're serious, this women will lose her license for good, be publicly villified as an example of drunk driving, and be smacked with a huge fine. (as long as the last can be deferred on "good behaviour" if her family is adversely effected)

    there's no excuse for drunk driving, none at all,

    kudos to shabby for stopping to help.

  11. Man you said on the way to Berwick right? Good job she didn't come down the Narre North Rd, two booze buses and two patrolling vehicles between the Princes Hwy and Heatherton Rd. Ten to one she would have probably wiped out one of the poor bastard coppers trying to breathalyse someone
  12. what really shits me about drink drivers is they always survive and the poor bastard they hit gets the raw end of the stick. 2 mates got wiped out one night on the way home from work by a drunk driver, and yes the prick survived. as for the people who turn around and say 'they have to live with their deaths for the rest of his life' i say the ba*stard got off light. theres nothing worse than watching parents burying their sons.

    i cant condone any sort of drink driving.

    this is what i hope comes to the stupid bi*ch
    1. car is hers
    2. insurance doesnt cover her
    3. needs a new job
    3. lose of licence for good
    4. huge fine

    :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:
  13. 1. car was a demo car from her work
    2. the police are going for DUI conviction, if they get it no insurance
    3. drink driving in a work vehicle these days is grounds for termination
    3. DUI and reckless driving woopee 12 months probably at worst no licence
    4. fine ...got no idea what the fine is here in Vic.

    but anyways the story goes on, major traffic scene cops just rang to ask me to go see them and give a full formal statement, they also said there not after me :LOL:
    They went to photo the scene this morning and they have a problem, the power pole she hit first is 73m from where the car stoped on the opposite side of the road. Now here's something not even i thought about, between the power pole and the first mark on the road is about 54m.

    So here we have a Mazda 6 with no front panels, drivers side wheel ummm yeah not there and engine resting in firewall, after hitting the pole the police reckon she was virtually airborne for 54m as there is not one scrape mark or tyre mark and i saw the car do a full 720 across the road!

    And she walked away! well sought of :LOL:
  14. shit man, glad you are ok.
    bloody drunk drivers they are a menace to society.

    i was pulled tonight for a spot check tonight (apparently they are targetting bikes again) and after blowing in the bag and having a natter to the cop (senior sargent something or other) he told me that in 25 years of brethalising people he has never had a motorcyclist blow over 0.05,

    either he aint very good at his job or we are a very careful lot.
  15. Sif drink and ride. I hope you gave the Sergeant a pat on the head and told him he was a good boy :LOL:
  16. Shabby,

    F### me! Three times over the limit, scares the shit out of you and then tells you not to call an ambo 'cause the cops might come! Would've dragged the silly biatch in myself. Glad no harm came to you or your wife! Un-effin-believable.

  17. Of course they will. The fact that she was 3 times the limit is irrelevant. :shock: Stupid biatch..... Stupid laws..... stupid courts will let her back on the roads.
    She should be charged with attempted murder. People forget cars, bikes and trucks are deadly weopons and should be treated as such.

    my 2cents....
  18. Well happened to me on Monday. Wife and three kids in the car, wife driving, stopped at an intersection for 5-6 seconds maybe more, woman hit us from behind at 70kmph, didn't even brake. Wife sore neck, son sore neck, daughter missed getting two broken legs, me damaged some muscles in neck, she hit the car with such force, that it broke the back axle. Good job it wasn't in two weks time and I was sitting on my bike at that intersection, she would have killed me. Gonna be hard to do my L's with a sore neck