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What a nice Boss :-)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by VTRBob, May 3, 2006.

  1. Got into work this morning, and walked inside to do my Clark Kent inpersonation and get changed etc etc , when the GM calls out to me and say's
    Hey Bob " im not to keen on you parking your bike out the front, ( im thinking WTF ) but ............................................................
    I know its safe where it is, but its too good to have sitting out there in the weather all day. So i've got Justin ( our brain dead lacky ) to move some of the shit outa the way and there is now more than enough room to park your bike in the workshop right under your office window !

    How cool is that, i've only just cracked my 1st week here and was going to leave it for a few weeks b4 asking if i could bring it inside anyway :LOL:

    Now its all nice and warm and dry and it can keep an eye on me while i work
    :LOL: :LOL:
  2. Now that IS a good boss: of course, he's softening you up before he asks if he can take it for a spin round the block :LOL:
  3. gotta be happy with that :cool:

    I would be... :grin:
  4. Yep, realy gota be happy with that
  5. well done mate,

    my boss told me to go home early last Friday, said "it looks like a nice arvo for a ride be better without all the traffic." some bosses are great, like me!!
  6. Yeah, my boss has been very bike friendly too, I'm the only contractor at my current site with an underground carpark key!
  7. Thats awesome :grin:
  8. reminds me of a Simpsons episode.

    Marge says to Homer: "work called and said if you dont come in tomorrow, dont bother coming in on monday."

    Homer: "WhoooHooo 4 day weekend."
  9. DOH!
  10. mate thats a great boss you have there
    i get free parking anyways lol
    :LOL: :LOL:
  11. Isn't is nice to hear about some good employers? Especially now the reforms have come in.

    My husband is lucky he has a great boss too. So great, that not only is the husband going to Alice to compete in the Finke desert race again (in a company car), but the boss is going to watch him. His boss was going to compete as well, but after being choppered out of the bush two weeks ago with broken ribs and crushed vertebrae he won't be getting on a bike anytime soon :(
  12. well seeming as though i am the boss there is only one option here, park your bike inside.. :grin:
  13. My boss I have no problems with. My bosses boss I want taken out.

    Plenty of space in the corner of the underground car park but no...I shouldn't be parking there.

    Note that he drives a big silver Range Rover.
  14. Well Bob, sounds like you having a good week !!!!
  15. HAHA thats great, but just wait the question will come
    ' say er bob mind if i take it round the block'

    i let my boss take mine around the block the other day