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What a morning...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Kha-Khees, Aug 12, 2013.

  1. So I walked out the door this morning to be immediately greeted by that distinct sound of a bike sliding down the road. Burst out the gate, and pelted toward the guy on his back in the middle of the street...

    Long story short: neighbours dog got out (they're building, fence not finished :( ), the guy couldn't stop.

    I think he ended up alright, he could tell me he only hurt in his shoulder but I wouldn't let him take the helmet off. Most damage would be in shoulder thanks to his gear, but an off duty ambo rocked up moments after I got to him so I left it to the pro. At this point there's at least 3 people with the rider, the dog has been carried back to their house (but there was nothing we could do for him) so I got one of the other tradies to wheel the bike back to my driveway with me. Now I take off to the vet with one of the neighbours, and pretty much got on a train to uni from there. Where i'm greeted on swanston st with a gust of wind that stopped me dead in my tracks... Then I notice 3 more bikes on their sides... Geez.

    I didn't pick these up, however. Given the power of the wind they'd blow over again when I left, and I wasn't going to risk doing more damage.

    But did I do the right thing with the bike at home? I thought its better than leaving it on the street, it can basically be picked up whenever. The guy knows where it is and it's behind a gate at least..
  2. Leaving it at your place would have been fine. I'm sure the guy will thank you for it. It is nasty out...I got lashed around on my way to work and seeing trucks veering isn't fun at 100.

    At RMIT are you?
  3. Yep, and I don't have an interesting class for a few hours so I'm left dwelling on this. I Did feel sort of bad leaving the ones on the foothpath. Could manage the 2 smaller ones myself but the big gsxr...

    Lifting this guys gladius was a challenge, has me wondering how I'd go with my SV.
  4. I had a dry run to work and managed to get into the underground car park before that freak storm hit. Couldn't even hear people on the otherside of the phone call it was that loud.

    On the subject, you helped the fella all you could and he would most likely appreciate it. I know when I had my first stack (write off too) everyone else drove off, even the culprit but two people pulled over and helped me get on my feet and the bike off the road, I was very appreciative of the assistance.
  5. Hope he has your name etc. Your neighbours might end up getting sued?
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  6. Rider knows where OP lives, so if they ever need a witness, I'm sure they'll send a letter or something.

    I would leave the bike there to be honest, it is damn windy. My risk the chance of falling over again once it's picked up unless you decide to chain it down some how.

    Regarding picking up the bike, there are techniques in doing so. One way is by kneeling with your back to the bike, hold one hand on the handle bar and the other on passenger foot peg/bracket and lift using knees keeping back straight. If you have the strength, you can just lift it from the handle bar and fuel tank while facing the bike.
  7. Yeah I've got the techniques. Had to pick up my own vtr a couple of times, as well as a stint as a postie...

    I wouldn't want my neighbours sued. They keep control of the dog and this isn't a situation you would foresee.

    I don't think anyone is at fault.
  8. sue the dog , or is it a boy ?
  9. Sounds like they didn't too well this time. The owners are 100% liable for the accident. I remember a mate had their dog killed and then were hit up with a few thousand dollar bill for the car. It's awful but part of the responsibility of owning a pet.
  10. smileedude is spot on. As the owner of the dog it is their responsibility to ensure it doesn't get out.

    I just wish fcuking cat owners had the same responsibility.
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  11. Cat owners? There's no such thing. Plenty of four legged people owners though. If you ever run me down you can probably sue my cat for damages.
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  12. Lol.

    I am beginning to really hate cats and the people that are supposed to be their 'guardians'. If you can't keep your fcuking cat inside at night, I should be allowed to kill the fcuking thing and kick it's guardian in the head when it yowls in my front yard at 2ofcuking clock in the morning.

    Oh, and before the animal rights brigade get their nickers in a twist, I am the guardian of a cat, it NEVER goes out side at night, NEVER.
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  13. You did the right thing. When my Kwaka was written off one of the witnesses lived up the road, he pushed the bike the 200m back to his and I had a mate collect it that night with his trailer. The guy may not put it in words but it is really appreciated. If the bike is left on the side of the road who knows what would happen ...