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What a malaka

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by vic, Oct 23, 2008.

  1. http://www.theage.com.au/articles/2008/10/23/1224351397415.html

    The Age
    Asher Moses
    October 23, 2008 - 9:26AM

    A Sydney telco employee has learned the hard way the perils of sharing too much information on Facebook after he was caught by his boss faking a sickie after a big night out.

    In an email exchange doing the rounds of office blocks, Kyle Doyle was asked by his employer, AAPT, to provide a medical certificate verifying a day of sick leave in August.

    Doyle, a call centre worker, protested, saying his contract stipulated he did not require a medical certificate for taking only one day off.

    His boss replied that this was usually the case but in this instance the company had determined that the leave was not due to medical reasons.

    "My leave was due to medical reasons, so you cannot deny leave based on a line manager's discretion, with no proof, please process leave as requested," Doyle responded.

    The manager then sent Doyle a screen grab of Doyle's Facebook profile, highlighting a status update written on the leave day in question.

    "Kyle Doyle is not going to work, f--- it i'm still trashed. SICKIE WOO!," it read.

    Sprung and with no room left to move, Doyle replied to the boss: "HAHAHA LMAO [laughing my ass off] epic fail. No worries man."

    Doyle did not respond to a request for comment sent over Facebook but a friend of his confirmed the incident was not a hoax.

    The employer would not comment.

  2. With brains like that, let's hope he doesn't decide to reproduce. :roll:
  3. Never mind brians, look at the busted head on the bloke ;)
  4. "I'm Brian and so is my wife"
  5. "Welease Bwian!"
  6. I was trying not to .... my mother taught me not to stare at the genetically disadvantaged. :wink: :p
  7. he's not the messiah he's a very naughty boy