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What a lovely day I had!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by typhoon, Apr 14, 2006.

  1. Had a nice sleep in. Got up, had Milo cereal! (love the stuff, never normally in the house, fiance bought some for me!). Went out and worked on the bike.
    New throttle cable went in with ease, new rear wheel and tyre went in with ease, even polished up the drum brake cover before I put it back toether and gave the polished alloy a coat of clear to protect it (hard to get to to polish). I even cleaned up all the bolts and chain adjuster hardware.
    Tracked down an electrical problem and now have the front brake switch working nicely and the parking lights.
    Pulled apart teh old mastery cylinder I have to rebiuld and let it soak.
    Had a lovely late lunch with the fiance and went out for an hour's ride with a shiny new helmet (which is fantastic!) and new tyre (which even though it still had mould release on it, was faar superoir to the old tyre in every respect!). It's also a lot more confidence inspiring having a nice solid alloy wheel out the back instead of a dodgey, rusty rimmed old spoked wheel (which has caused two flats in the six months I have owned it, damn spokes!).
    Was perfect motorcycle weather, 25 degrees or so, no wind, bugger all cars around due to holidays, and quite a few bikes, all of whom nodded to me!
    What a lovely day! Hope you all had nice days too!

    Regards, Andrew.
  2. So Andrew, I spent many years in the Newcastle/Lake Macquarie area (and my honeymoon at Caves Beach); where did you ride??

    Do you have a time/distance figure for a ride right round the lake from Swansea to Swansea?
  3. Oh yeah baby. I just got back from a ride day at the "Island" The best piece of road on earth.
  4. Hornet, I rode down to Wyee and back (from Fennell Bay).
    At the moment, travelling around the lake takes about an hour and a half or so, depending on traffic. I don't go over teh sped limits much either. First thing in the morning is by far the best time to do it, but dew on the roads can be an issue coming into winter(lots of little gullies etc on western side of the lake whicn get very cool at night). I don't know the distance, I haven't measured it with my trip meter (which is off a bit anyway), but I would say 60 to 80kms. Next time I wil take the GPS and give accurate data, I wil probably go all the way around some time this weekend for sure.
    They are doing bridge work/ dual carriageway at Five islands, and sometimes this can be stop start with traffic queues.

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. Must do that ride soon, I lived at Speers Point then Boolaroo, and went to Booragul High from '62 - '65, and I've got a lot of friends still in the area, including an old school friend who lives near Wangi.
    Yeah, that section around the five islands has been being worked on for what seems like forever....
  6. at least u got to go for a ride...
    i woke up and looked outside and it was sunny...
    got the gear on then 10 mins later it was pouring
  7. I had a great day today, actually had a day off, so I slept in until 12, watched the second half of a vid I'd started watching, then went and got myself a burger from the local fishy chips shop.

    Stood in the rain for a while, just enjoying the sensation of a day of, then later chastised myself for acting like such a friggin' hippy.

    Spent the time since then on the net, and a mate is coming over shortly to sink piss and watch more vids. I love vids.

    Nothing bike related to my day, just a great day. :D