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What a lovely day for a ride

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by yindypink, Jul 29, 2008.

  1. :grin: I can't wipe the smile off my face. I picked up my new bike (VTR250) from getting a roadworthy today and then transferred it at Vicroads. All went smoothly. Did a few small jobs down the street and then went for a lovely ride to Noojee. Brrrr very cold there but the sun was shining and I met a fellow netrider Rod. I amused him when I said that I planned on clocking up 150km for the day! :LOL:
    Anyway Rod followed me back to my town and gave me a few hints. Thanks Rod and Netrider for making a good day GREAT.

  2. Hi Yindypink, lucky you, I was looking out the window while slaving away at the keyboard thinking what a great day for a ride.
  3. Yeah, I only got in about 350 Km today. A short ride. But it was on a nice new front tyre, so it was all the more fun. Even on wet, mossy roads, in the cold. :grin:

    Good to meet you Yindypink. See you on the road again.
  4. Good to see you met the good, kind, helpful gentleman Rod.
  5. I so hate reading when someone goes for rides during the week, especially when I'm stuck workin :twisted:

    :p Good on Ya ..
  6. If this is a new-bike-thread, you're in big trouble...

  7. gx1hvCor.
    I'd hate to be in your shoes right now yindypink :p
  8. It was cold damp and foggy this morning so I caged it but took off home at lunch time and rode back :cool:
  9. Not only do you have the cheek to post a 'new bike' thread without the obligatory photo, but you also rub salt into the wounds of all us office workers by telling us how you had a glorious day our riding whilst we're stuck indoors.....


    ..Fortunately I'm taking the afternoon off work to go riding TOMMOROW - and the forecast is for clear blue skies.... so I dont care :grin:

  10. :LOL:
    Chris, I'm happy to see you come to your senses. and eventually seen the error of your ways :p
    .. or do have something else in mind on your way home? :-k

  11. Vinnie. I could be talked into going the long way home but the fuel light is flashing and I'll have my "man bag" over my shoulder too. :oops:

    Maybe tomorrow mate :wink:
  12. For all you jealous office working commuting types, yesterday was my only chance to ride as I am at home with 3 kids and hubby in China for 11 days! Thank God for daycare, kinder and school yesterday as I enjoyed my 5 hours of freedom for the week :roll: