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What a lot off sookie lah lahs

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Z900, Feb 7, 2006.

  1. I dont know what most people think but some that i have talked to are pissed that because of a media cartoon some religions think that gives them the right to run riot and do what the hell they want.I personally am not impressed when we as australians are expected to cower to other peoples beliefs in our own country.Perfect example bans on santas at kindas and shopping centres because of the risk of offending some narrow minded selfish people.Dont get me wrong i have friends and asso ciates from all types of races.Imagine going to china and telling them you cant eat rice or ride your bicycles go were you want or say what you want because it causes us offence.

  2. http://www.faithfreedom.org/Gallery/Mo_Cartoons.jpg
    These are the cartoons that they have caused the following issues;

    • several death threats have been made, resulting in the cartoonists
    reportedly going into hiding and the newspaper enhancing its security

    • Libya eventually closed its embassy in Denmark in protest after the
    government refused to censure the newspaper or apologise.

    • the foreign ministries of eleven Islamic countries demanded action from
    the Danish government

    • A large consumer boycott was organised in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and
    other Arabic-speaking countries

    • the foreign ministers of seventeen Islamic countries renewed calls for
    the Danish government to punish those responsible for the cartoons, and to
    ensure that such cartoons are not published again.

    • The Organization of the Islamic Conference and the Arab League have
    demanded that the United Nations impose international sanctions upon Denmark.[

    • On 4 February, the buildings containing the Danish and Norwegian
    embassies in Syria were set ablaze, although no one was hurt.

    • Because of what has happened in Damascus, the Norwegian and Danish
    governments advise Danes and Norwegians to leave Syria.

    • protests on 5 February resulted in the burning down of the Danish
    General Consulate and an attack on a Christian neighbourhood in Beirut, and the
    arrest of two Jordanian newspaper editors after they reproduced the drawings.

    • Lebanon's Interior Minister Hassan Sabeh resigned hours after the
    destruction of the Consulate

    • On 5 February, Iran announced that it was severing all trade with
    Denmark, effective on 6 February

    • On 6 February, the first deaths in connection with the controversy were
    reported at the U.S. Airbase in Bagram, Afghanistan, where Afghan riot police
    fired upon an alleged attempt by a crowd to forcibly enter the base. In
    addition, the death of a youth in Yemen was attributed to anti-cartoon activity

    • The Danish prime minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen said, "The government
    refuses to apologise because the government does not control the media or a
    newspaper outlet; that would be in violation of the freedom of speech".

    The Whole Story is available here
  3. This sort of discussion is oh so last year.
  4. Personally... I (mostly) believe in respecting other peoples religious beliefs :roll:
  5. You are absolutely right - currently i am banned from a popular muslim forum for posting questions about these cartoons (and few comments :) )

    Personaly i wouldnt want everything thinking i was a killer or whatever based on the actions of Martin Bryant, same as these Muslim folks dont want to be thought of as terrorists based on some of the fanatics.

    DONT make the mistake of thinking that all Muslims are terrorists or nobs - i know a few Muslims and they are pretty normal and sane. The ones going off about this cartoon at extreme and fanatics, they only reprsent a minority.
  6. I can't see anything wrong with the cartoons they're just a bit of fun.
    Defenatly not worth rioting for.
  7. I totally agree.....you come to our country, you agree to accept our culture and beliefs and way of life. We don't stop you from practicing yours (within reason ie Taliban, et al), but don't expect us to change for you....

    I am very multination/multiculture accepting, but things are getting WAAAAAAY out of hand. I'm an Aussie and (even though the Yanks doubt it, Santa does come Down Under!!!! :p :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: ) we have developed our own unique combination of many cultures and traditions to become uniquely Australian.

    You want to pass you driving test in Japan, you need to be able to speak and read Japanese.....none of this bullshit "If you require a translator, press ....." :evil:

    :evil: :evil: :evil:
  8. Last year people and property were not being destroyed because of a media CARTOON
    As for respecting peoples religion thats fine but its a 2 way street and some sanity needs to prevail and nothing gives anyone the right to burn shit kill people over as BLOODY CARTOON.
  9. Agreed.

    Now a question. Why did the newspaper publish the cartoons, do you think?
  10. Not all Muslims are terrorists. But unfortunately it seems that all terorists are Muslim's.

    People out there see a group of 1 or 2 or 10 people (who happen to be Muslim) bombing somewhere and for some reason they assume that all Muslims must be like this. It is the people who think like this who we should really be worried about. They are the danger to society. Not the Muslims, or Jews, or Christians or Buddhists amongst us.

    I have two people who i would consider my best friends. One is Jewish and the other is Muslim. They are also best friends with each other. But more importantly they are not Jewish and Muslim....they are Australian. Just like me.
  11. How many Christian, Jewish and other cartoons do you see? Heaps.

    Wasn't there a joke recently about some nuns? Did all the RCs go out and riot?

    What would happen if every time someone lampooned, the offendees rioted?

    What's that you say? Oh, I see, it's alright to lampoon Christians etc but not muslims? pphhhttt

    OK. Ban all religious lampooning. Let's see that happen. Hurry, I am holding my breath.

  12. OK who hijacked Lil's comouter????
    The language!!!!!!! :oops:
  13. I think some IRA dudes may disagree. They may be protestants or catholics. They were terrorising dudes the same time the Mujahadeen were raping Russia.

    People seem to forget about the UK's past with local terrorism. Some people also will never forget it.

    And how many jokes are made about the Irish!!
  14. What I am failing to understand is why when these cartoons were apparently published last September! that we had to wait until now to have all this over-reaction occur. Get a life! Get a sense of humour and Get Over it! I mean gosh where would we be now if Life of Brian had taken an Islamic twist instead.

    "All i said was, that piece of halibut was good enough for Jehovah"
  15. The thing that interests me is the muslim governments response to these cartoons.

    There is a famous (infamous really) painting called "
    Piss Christ" that was exhibited at the gallery in Melbourne and that caused protests and calls by several church leaders to remove it.

    However the Australian government (whilst expressing displeasure at the content) took the view that freedom of speech (or more relevently expression) took priority and that they could not and should not intervene.

    The protests whilst noisy were also largely incident free and non violent.

    This is in stark contrast to what has happened in Muslim countries about these cartoons.
  16. Lil is probably like a lot of people and had enough and its driven her to use naughty words :grin: I know not all muslims are terrorists but they are there own worst enemy :shock: people draw and pupblish cartoons all the time mmmmmm thats right little johnny howard is in lots of them maybe someone should protest and burn down the herald sun :grin: And reallity how many people were killed when that aussie played in the christ movie mmmm 00000000000 imagine if someone made a movie like that about THE BIG ALLA :shock: :shock: You got world war three happenning
  17. Does this mnean i probably wont get my patent passed for Quran dunny paper?
  18. I asked why the newspaper published the cartoons because it's an interesting question. Why would they do that?

    Here's a (longish but interesting) take on things from someone who lives in Denmark:

    What's happened here is that all sorts of interest groups (Muslim and "Western") are using this as a pretext for some fairly appalling behaviour. None of which has anything to do with Danish Muslims...
  19. I went to Japan for a while. My brother lives there and has been for years. over there I had to abide by there laws and religions when visiting Kyoto and the temples and stuff, had to take my shoes off, had to eat stuff Id never eat again.Had to SHOVE to get on the subway with brute force. Had to give way to bikes on the pavement. Lots of things.
    Now I live in Australia, part of the Brittish commonwealth !
    I have so many more rules to live by now. I HAVE to live by these rules.
    The rules in the immigration dept have made my life hell.
    I love being in the multicultural society and meeting lots of different races that Id never get to mix with in Scotland.
    But I often wonder where the crap comes from. Seems like westerners and Australians have become so politically correct in thier acceptance of other races living and working here, the language, work rights, skills and so on they have forgotten about thier own rights in order to NOT be racially discriminating.
    I was challenged at Australian immigration as I apparentley dont speak competent english.....the girl didnt know where scotland was, thought it was a town instead of a country.
    Thats the immigration dept for you. Got by that issue by losing my temper and got on to an Australian guy who DID speak english and he had quite a laugh about it.
    I have qualifications and credits coming out my ass but still was a nightmare to apply for a work permit, got it eventually.
    The part I didnt get was how "non english speaking taxi driver" got thier job.
    How did they qualify......
    Then I was told I was being racist......WTF.

    Im here now and that part is all over but from an outsider looking in......Australia seems to tolerate so much from other races who may have a bit more of a racial card to play when it comes to thier rights but seem to neglect the rights of thier own Australian people to an extent. My countries flag is part of the Australian flag but it would have been so much easier for me to live and work here had I been, an ethnic minority, asian, unable to speak english and have no qualifications. according to the immigration dept.

    I have lots of mates all colours, race and religions, they seem to find it funny too.

    Just my spin on it.....
    Back home all the laws of the country used to be respected, now with so many other races getting into the UK they are now expecting rights to burn their dead on the banks of the river in BIRMINGHAM. Since the indian community is so big there they have the majority. So what happens then. If the law doesnt pass which it didnt, they get up in arms about being dicriminated against.
    All this stuff is really begining to turn the world against itself and its a shame, greed , politics and trying to be politically correct doesnt seem to be doing anybody any favours.

    I have to respect the religious right and laws of any country I visit, covering up bits of your body, not showing you tatoos.But in the western countries it seem like its all a bit back to front because the immigrant cant seem to respect the western laws or simply dont want to.

    What the bollocks is going on.........Its incorrect to call the kettle black as it may be offended.
  20. Hey Stookie, of course it was hard for you to get in here - you're Scottish!!! :LOL: :p :LOL:

    Anyway, I think a carry-on about multiculturalism isn't what the thread's really about.

    What we have here is a Danish right-wing newspaper that published material it knew would be provocative and offensive to a weak and marginalised section of that country's community. Presumably because it wanted to upset Muslims.

    So it's given all the extreme Islamic loonies a wonderful excuse to attack the West. Which I guess allows it to say to its readership "we were right all along, these people are dangerous maniacs".

    I wouldn't be blaming multiculturalism - I'd be pointing the finger at the extremist idiots on both sides of the argument.