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What a load of shit!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by E2W, May 24, 2010.

  1. If that isn't careless driving - what is?
  2. Unbelievable :(

    Sad news for the riders family. It would seem we have a "Legal" system rather than a "Justice" system - because there should be justice involved after taking a life.
  3. That sets a dangerous precedent, not just regarding motorcyclists, but for all traffic accidents.
  4. That makes me rage.
  5. Holy shite... this is AWFUL.

    Not justice at all!!!
  6. Hope he loses the other eye, since the asshole clearly doesn't ****ing use it
  7. Also, I hope the judge gets stuck on a level crossing.
  8. The fnck? If the bloke still has his license after this I'm going to be really p!ssed ](*,)

    ... Then again the judge might get hit when I van driver doesn't see him crossing a road...:angel:
  9. x 1000000000000
  10. I read this and felt cheated as a rider, a motorist and a citizen. Why is it so hard for the judge to look at the other evidence that stated he was negligent in his drivign by not paying attention and driving to the conditions? Especially as he already had limited abilities to drive in normal conditions. It really sets a dangerous precedent for anyone to claim it was a disability or some such and therefore they are not responsible for their actions on the road.
    Makes me kinda glad my bike is MIA for now.
  11. Forget the fact that he killed a peron on a bike, the type of vehicle he hit makes no difference.

    To know that someone can run up the back of someone who is stopped at the lights, and kill that person, and be found guilty of nothing, is just ridiculous. I don't disagree with people with some disabilities being able to drive, in fact I encourage it as it allows them to have a sense of freedom and feel good about themselves. But to have no sight at all in one eye, and only limited vision in the other, how in the hell do you get a licence??? And then surely, if you did have a licence and you have such imited vision, doesn't that mean that he has a responsibility to drive more carefully, and to ensure that he doesn't drive in conditions that make it more difficult for him to drive safely?

    What ever happened to personal responsibility? I don't condone drink driving at all, but if the person driving that van had perfect sight, but blew .05 after the accident, he would be sitting in jail now. Arguably, the driver at .05 is a lot safer than the guy switching lanes at the last minute with very limited vision in poor conditions. Both would have made a mistake that lead to a death of an innocent person going about his daily life, yet this guy gets off??

    It seems to be indicative of the whole legal system right now. My brother in law is a cop ( a lazy one, he doesn't write tickets!!) who was involved in a siege that he and his partner defused before the guy ended up shot dead by a cop. Long story, but they were basically ambushed by this guy who tried to attack them with a sword. During the ensuing struggle, etc, by brother in law ended up with a smashed hand that required an operation, pins, physio, etc, etc. He was off work for a few months, and is now back on restricted duties. He still can't clench a fist, it is still swollen and since the day it happened he has been on quite a bit less pay because as a non fully operational officer he doesn't get paid a lot of the extra allowances that they are entitled to. He has recieved letters of thanks, etc from high up in the force for averting a potentially tragic situation, etc, etc. The guy has already been to court, and the sentence? He got a community based order and a good behaviour bond, which is basiclly nothing. He gets on with his life with no problems, etc, whereas my brother in law is still trying to get his hand to work properly so that he can ride his motorbike, use the boat, even things like hold a hammer, etc without it falling out of his hand. Is tht justice? It seems to be clased as that in this day and age.
  12. So if I run someone over and just tell them my glasses fell of my face there for I couldn't see. I haven't done anything wrong?
    Watchout vespas!!!
  13. I think the key legal issue was the judges decision "I am unable to conclude beyond reasonable doubt that Mr Spooner's driving was such a grave departure from the standard of care expected of road users,"

    Sounds pretty reasonable. I don't expect the standard of care from drivers towards motorcycle riders to be high, either.

    He might have chosen his words more carefully though. "Significant departure" or "extreme departure" but in the circumstances, "grave departure" is not all that sensitive.
  14. Sadly the opinion of most who don't ride is that we are mad, and it's bound to happen riding a bike.
    It's why I teach new riders to look in their mirrors when they brake, to look all around. In the final picture we are virtualy unprotected with 1500kg plus maniacs all around us. And they are not concentrating. Their life does not depend on it. Ours does. The av driver takes 3 seconds just to realise they have to brake. The av rider is 1.5 seconds.
    Don't rely on any rule, law or magistrate/politition to help you. They will always be too late.
  15. +100000000000000000000000
    I recon there's 3 laws on the road, in order of importance
    1. Laws of physics - 15 tons of truck at any speed doesn't care for much
    2. Laws of survival - driver see's said truck comeing at 'em the wrong way they're going to try and get the hell out of there... to bad if you're in thier escape rout
    3. Laws of the road - If law 1 and 2 arn't trying to kill you then follow law 3.
  16. FFS! Atleast take the ****'s license. They have no problem taking our licenses all the time for something .00000000001% as bad.
  17. He's been driving for the past... what, 4 years - STILL as a FU*CKING COURIER!
  18. The father of the guy recently posted this story up hear. The judges verdict hadn't been heard yet. The guy that did it sounded like a class wanker, never even apologised.