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What a little hero...

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by incitatus, May 3, 2007.

  1. "WELLINGTON, New Zealand (AP) -- A plucky Jack Russell terrier named George saved five children from two marauding pit bulls, but was so severely mauled in the fight that it had to be put down, its owner said Wednesday."

  2. :cry:
    bastard pitbulls!
  3. I agree, pitbulls should be bred out.
  4. At the end of the day they are just dogs...
    9 times out of 10 the problem is with there training and treatment.
    9 times out of 10 you should just take the owner out and shoot them!

    Thats one brave (And stupid) little dog.
    Sad that three dogs are going to die because one Sh!thead can't look after his animals.
  5. Jack Russel Terrier possibility #1:
    Quiet, loving little dog. Properly trained and looked after by decent owners - killed by two pitbulls: so sad :(

    Jack Russel Terrier possibility #2:
    Untrained, spoilt lap dog that barks incessantly til all hours of the morning in a suburban neighbourhood - killed by two pitbulls: not quickly enough.

    I think any dog that attacks a human should be put-down [police/guard dogs excepted of course] and the owner charged for all medical costs, plus a fine, and including the cost of destroying the dog.
  6. What a crock. A breed bred to kill and kill only. Bought only by wankers who have attitude problems and need to be noticed/able to threaten others with their dogs. I have seen these pricks slip their dogs off leashes and let them hunt other dogs in parks.
    You know the vast majority of the owners of these dogs fit into teh above category, if you own one (probably do judging by your post) you'll have probably met them.
    I agree the owner should be punished though, and not the dogs.

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. Id be curious as to the exact breed of dog for a start. The term "Pit Bull" is thrown around very loosely.

    Obviously breeds coming under this umbrella are also owned by very responsible people who treat them well and as such are beautiful dogs that are great around kids.

    I agree that its 99% about the owner and the dogs upbringing...
  8. Very true I've seen Staffordshire terriers called Pitbulls, and if you know dogs, you know you are nore in danger of drowning in saliva from licks than being bitten by a Staffie!

    Regards, Andrew.
  9. At the end of the day, a jack russell isnt likely to kill a child or another dog. A pit bull, a bull terrier or even a staffy IS.

    I'm sick of bull terrier type breeds trying to attack and kill my dogs. Im sick of idiots who cant look after a powerful aggressive dog thinking it's fun to walk them off a lead, or set them on other dogs at dog parks.

    I'm sick of morons who think that owning a bull terrier breed is a good first dog option and that their dog looks cute and wouldnt harm a fly, despite the decades of bad press these dogs have got, the known issues with their behaviour, and the damage they can cause when they attack.

    Twice Staffies have tried to kill my baby boy.

    The most recent one was a female dog owned by a teenage girl from an expensive suburb. the dog was never abused or mistreated in its life.

    If your dog attacks me or mine, I will do what the council has failed to do in the past when I've dealt with it the supposedly right way, on the spot.

    The next dog that attempts it is DEAD. ON THE SPOT, WITH NO REMORSE AT ALL.

    If that means I kill your aggressive dog in front of your young children and traumatize them for life, consider it an object lesson.

    We don't let people who attack indiscriminately and try and kill out on the street. Dogs shouldnt be treated any differently.

    Why is the dog stupid? Because it gave up it's life to save a child? Ask any parent and they would do the same.The only one stupid is the owners of the two dogs who attacked. I'll make it perfectly clear. I SUPPORT MANDATORY PRISON TIME FOR DOG OWNERS WHOSE DOGS KILL ANY OTHER DOG OR HUMAN.

    If you are prepared to take that risk, good luck to you and I hope to hell you end up behind bars.
  10. How will you kill such a beast on the spot, SS?
  11. I have had real Bull terriers and Staffordshire Bull Terriers most of my life, (although I currently have a Norwegian Elkhound), and have not had an aggressive one yet, defensive yes, aggressive no. 90% of the 'Staffies' you see are not Staffordshire Bull Terriers at all, they are crosses, and there is no such recognized breed as a "Pitbull", unless you count the American Pitbull, which is a totally different dog to what we think of as a Pitbull. Pitbulls are also crosses. "bull terrier type breeds" does not mean Bull Terrier.
  12. APT's are banned here now.

    Yes, agree most of the Bull Terrier types are usually crossbreeds, including the staffies. That's partly due to laws banning the breeding of Bull Terriers and American Pit Bull Terriers in australia, but partly due to the attitude of owners.

    The last one I dragged off my dog after it had chased him down and pinned him by the back of the neck, like a dog would kill a rabbit - grab by the back of the neck and shake.

    Considering I'd lifted it in the air off my dog and above my head I had plenty of choices. I could have thrown it back first or head first onto the rocks at the waters edge, I could have grabbed it by the head and shaken it until I broke it's neck. I could have broken it's back by dropping all my body weight on it, knee first. I could have held it by the legs and swung it against a pole.

    Just to name a few.

    Yes, they're a powerful dog. But a single Bull terrier type of any size (this thing was probably about 30kg or so) is not a match for a fit fully grown male human with more than double it's weight.

    There is a lot of bloody good reasons why humans are on top of the food chain, and why much larger wolves dont attack humans alone....

    3 or 4 though and I'd have to come back with an axe.
  13. I think if I was attacked by a dog the first thing I would do is give it my left forearm.

    When I used to wrestle our dog [when we had her] the easiest way to get the advantage was to keep her mouth occupied (of course, she wasn't biting properly as we were just playing).
    After that, I dunno... maybe strangle the dog. I hear shoving a fist down their throat is good defence.

    I've also heard pulling their front legs apart splits their rib-cage [myth?].

    Here's a "What if" article by a dog trainer on what to do if you or your animal is attacked by another dog.

    Here's just some cool stories by some US postal workers who had encounters with vicious dogs.
  14. Here is what you do.

    If the dog has got you, try to reach around ehind it and shove oyur fist in it's Arse.

    Would you let go in that case???? :LOL:
  15. I read that in something titled along the lines of the sas handbook, still never needed to give it a crack :)

    I doubt it would be easy with a dog that powerful..
  16. I had in the past an APT and he was never aggressive. I have a Rotty and he is the sweetest thing if you are not threating me, my wife or my other dogs.

    It is not about the breed it is about the owner. Working dogs need to be properly raised and you need to make sure that you make them use their intelligence for something constructive, you need to socialise your dog or he/she will go after anything if can get away from you.

    Please do not blame the animal, blame the mindless idiots that own them. It is like blaming high powered bikes for accidents.

  17. Slowsuzuki.
    no offence mate but you're sounding like a tool.
    I have owned Bull Terriers (pure bred - with papers) for years. I've never owned or seen one that has been aggressive or attacked another dog or person. Real Breeders of Both English Bull Terriers and Staffordshire Bull Terriers have been breeding these dogs for over a hundred years for Type AND Temperament.
    My last Bully, Max was the Stereotypical Bull Terrier, playful, affectionate and a MASSIVE wuss, who if scolded for a misdeed (eating BOTH my $200 leather hiking boots for example) would sit in the corner sulking for hours refusing to even look at me.
    Max was attacked by one of those everyday lovable border collies (You know, the sort that that moron Hugh Worth thinks is sooooo wonderful). Max responded in kind but immediately came off when called.
    Two "lovely" boxers attacked my Doberman and left him with 380 Stitches to head, face and legs.

    You need to get your facts right buddy. Bull Terrier breeds may have the capacity to do a lot of damage but a bit of careful research may surprise you to see just which dogs are on the top of the ladder in australia when it comes to aggression.
    Any breed, without care and training has the potential to be a killer. In a "pack" of two or more, the baser instincts of a mis-treated, ill-trained animal will be more likely to come to the fore.
  18. No offence but you sound like a tool eh?

    I guess watching my dog savaged twice before my eyes doesnt count as proof to you.

    Strange how every web forum ends up full of people pushing the "gun rights" and "right to own aggressive dogs" and refuse to see the bloody obvious even when there is horror story after horror story - 30 killed in shooting spree. Pit bull mauls child etc etc.

    There are hundreds of cases of both every single year.

    It's the exact same story every time too - I think im tough enough to own something I can threaten and kill with. Neither of which there is any legitimate need to have.

    And always the same excuses too - it must be a crossbreed. It wasnt properly cared for. My baby wouldnt hurt anything. Are you really sure it was a pitbull? The gun was locked up (but the key was still in the lock of course). Of course it was unloaded. I dont feel safe without it. The criminals all own them and I need it to protect myself.

    It's really a f*cking arms race preying on the most base instincts of humans. Power, fear, hatred and violence.

    And the problem is you have to join it because there are so many idiots out there who force you to. My next dogs will be far larger and far faster, because if not then they get attacked out in the street, in parks etc.

    Im so over with dealing with this shit. And dealing with people who think that way.
  19. Whether it's the owners fault or not is irrelavent to the appropriate outcome after an attack --> the dog should be destroyed.

    Be as moralistic about where to lay the blame etc, as you like.

    Once a dog attacks, it displays an unpredictable nature, a willingness to harm, and a lack of or resistance to proper training.

    Sucks. Owners should be punished too.
    But it's quite simple: if a dog attacks: it dies.

    We had a stray German Shepherd we adopted. We think he had been abused. He was the gentlest most timid thing in the world, and he responded really positively to how we loved him. He was even starting to obey commands and training.

    BUT, one day, when he had a bone, one of my sister's friends walked too close to him. He felt his food was threatened or something, and he bit her once on the shoulder and then ran straight away back to his bone, grabbed it and took off.

    The following day it cost us $40 to have him put down at the vet.

    My sister and I loved him [he was a gorgeous dog], but we didn't even argue. We knew he was unpredictable, and it's not on for an 80kg dog with teeth to be unpredictable.