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What a Knob!!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Blu-Grl, Apr 2, 2007.

  1. Well here was I casually getting myself organised after work today
    warming up the bike casually getting my gear on
    say goodbye to a work mate walking past
    was about to take off and.....

    guess what d***head forgot to take off the disc lock???? 8-[

    so I turn her off and remove the lock and the guy in his leathers who took off after I did this and looked at me as he went past, I smiled at him as I thought it was hillarious LOL but he obviously didnt he just looked at me like "yeah you are a knob" :oops:

    I have never forgotten it before!! I must have been sitting in lala land today :-w

    after swearing and cursing at myself all I could think was gee glad I didnt drop the bike :LOL:

  2. lol that has happened to me....twice, ended up cracking the front guard...twice :evil: thankfully I was still under warranty.
  3. [​IMG]

    I have one of these just for that reason......im bound to forget its on!

  4. I got one like that fluro orange...havn't used that or the lock yet :LOL:
  5. A couple of people i know use disc locks and a couple of people i know have either repaired a front gaurd or have a damaged front guard lol it happens. Those reminder cables are a good idea, they stand out like dogs you know whats even when just walking past the bike so if you still forget the lock with one of these puppies on..................... god help you.
  6. I think I might have to look at that option!!

    the scary thing is if I had of dropped it it would have been a domino effect and I would have had a lot of other bike owners chasing me!!! :LOL: as there is about 20 bikes parked together.

    the things I have to do to get attention these days huh? :p
  7. Also happened to me twice, i dont use the thing anymore because it causes more damage then it prevents!! IMO.
  8. Got a mate who uses a huge big chain and fat padlock around the front wheel and the frame of his bike with a yellow sleeve around the chain so it's really, really obvious, and so it doesn't adversely rub against the bike. Nobody's had a go at the bike cos it's so obviously, whereas with a disc lock, some really dumb thieving c*** might well have popped the ignition before he realises it has a disc lock.
  9. I've got the same as Jamie. How many times would I have forgotten if it wasn't for that horrible bright thing hooked over my handle bar?! I got one when I bought the disc lock. I knew I'd be a complete and utter knob as well. Best to admit it at the start :LOL:
    Well done for not dropping it :applause:
  10. I've got one of those xena ones with an alarm, no way I'm going to miss that, especially seeing how the bugger is so sensitive. If I had a normal one I'd definitely need one of those cables.
  11. I've got a disc lock & reminder, that I've never used... Ok maybe once.
  12. i've got a Xena disc lock aswell...they are great. there have been a few times i'v forgotten it was on but thankfully for the alarm, iv never had ur experience yet Mel.
    It's a good thing u didnt drop the bike. i think the cords are a very good idea too...worth investing in one.
  13. Me four!

    Double D'oh!!

    Welcome to the club.

    Here's a cheap tip. Get the plastic bread tie from a loaf of bread and break off one of the "legs". Keep this tab in your disclock bag. When you fit the lock, shove the plastic tab into the ignition key slot... can't start the bike without removing the tab and reminding yourself that you have a disc lock installed.

    The other thing to do is fit the lock then, ROLL THE BIKE FORWARD until the lock contacts the forks. That way, if you do forget, there'll be no forward movement, just a downward movement.

  14. Hey good to see I am not the only one!! :LOL:

    Phil has the Xena alarm I might have to steal it and your right the bloody thing is super sensitive
    but I am thinking I might as well just leave it off
    the tourists keep jumping on the bikes all the time anyway grrrr

    I chased some photo happy lot a couple of weeks ago from another riders bike and told them to shod off. If they want a photo on a bike they can hand me the money for a new bike and photograph themselves as much as they like

  15. been there done that, but i was rolling her out of the garage, lucky it wasnt any faster or over she would have gone
  16. I have a disk lock, haven't forgotten it yet.
    I think it's cause my bike is dark red & the lock is bright yellow
    kinda stands out.
  17. yeah ive forgotton mine too, just rushing to get to work, 1st gear, throttle then bang. silly silly silly
  18. i have a xena.

    its mostly good, but one time I managed to sit on the bike, put on my gear, stand it up, start it, roll forward... BANG... then roll back and only then did the stoopid thing go off.
  19. yeah ive done it once... when i had the HD show bike. never used one before or since on any other bike.

    have mates who have and use em, and one fell off once and another has cracked his guard twice. both now have those reminder tages on the handlebars. for fun we remove the tags every now and then. keeps em on their toes. :grin:
  20. Yeah done it the one time i forgot my leash. The club has a lot of members.