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what a kick ass day :)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by sillygit, Aug 25, 2007.

  1. After several boring rainy weekends I had a great ride today. Left home at 9.15am and got back at about 5pm...

    Here's a google map of the route taken.

    The highlights;
    Stunning weather - I'd dressed for the cold and I was pleasantly suprised.
    New roads I hadn't tried before - that road from kinglake to st. andrews was f*cking scary! so narrow and full of 4wds.
    A hotty called roxy (her number plate) on a monster - wow! I tried to convince my girl to take up riding and buy a monster when I got home :)

    oh, I got my bike serviced mid-last week and had a pair of Pirelli Sport Demon tyres fitted. nice :)
  2. You had a fantastic day!!!!.......I LOVE those roads.

    I worked....... my day sucked :twisted:
  3. Yeah it was an awesome day! Great riding weather! I took a cruise past a few beachs..made the most of the weather on my bike today.
  4. I went for a ride on the boulovard, but there was a lot of sun glare. also, a lot of other bikers on the road with the non-nod attitude kind of intimidated me. But I enjoyed it. Took a few photo's but they didn't stay on the phone for some reason. Have to bring a real camera next time.

    Also, was in the city to get an air-filter for the bike when I noticed about 10 bikes with riders wearing colour matching dainese jackets (the jackets matched the colour of there bikes and they were all the same jacket design) riding together and filtering through traffic like they own the road. Hope netrider meets arn't like that.
  5. G'day everyone,...

    I had a great day myself today as well!!,.....

    Left home in the warm sun and rode to the city,....then to a mates place in Keilor Downs,..then to Greenriders place,...had cup of tea,.....Stired greenrider up,..then came home.

    The only down side was it was just after the sun went down so the insects were out and Romana's clean lights and my visor got covered in bug splat!

    But then I get to wash Romana tomorrow,..all warm and soapy water and my hands on her,.....Looks like its gonna be another good day tomorrow as well!!!
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Dr Who?
  6. Hi Sillygit, Did much the same route myself on Saturday. Great day, its nice to have bike riding weather back isn't it. :)
  7. Great ride!! Should make that map a 'sticky', someone?????
  8. Yeah, I'd muchly either have the government have a WORKING water system for us and/or that we get much rain during dark and lots of sun during day to make it perfect for us bike riders :grin:
  9. Yeah, there are some great roads in there (and some boring ones). I'd highly recommend it... As mentioned above, the road from Kinglake to St. Andrews is very tight and very twistie (scary!!!). I'd recommend newbies (like me) take it slow...
  10. I had a productive day today too.

    Woke up with a splitting headache. Looked outside, the day was as gorgeous as Fleur ;) thought about going for a ride for a very brief moment before remembering the half decent front end slide I got yesterday evening.

    So I decided that it was time that the broken indicator was repaired.

    Not happy that it took the whole of 10 minutes, I proceeded to take the fairings off the Storm.

    Took the screen out and removed "finger boy". Those that have seen my bike would know that it came with these cringe worthy decals. Well, I can safely say they are no more.

    I decided to give the Sprayway cleaner a run. Everyone in the USA raves about it so I had to try it.

    Man this stuff is awesome. Sprayed it on all over the fairings and the headlight and let it sit. It foams up and then eventually runs off. I then took to it with a was mitt to polish up the fairings and headlight. The bug guts were easy to remove. Then I did the screen and same, really simple way to clean your bike.

    Once I put the bike back together I went inside, watched the Broncos thump the Raiders and grabbed a couple of hours worth of eyelid watching.

    I thought about taking the push bike out but thought better of it as this Flu is still pissing me off somewhat.

    At least the bike is clean and I managed to do over 100km yesterday.

    Now I must order some new tyres. The suckers are balder than me :shock: :LOL:
  11. Is all this frenzied activity because your shoulder is much better, or in spite of it not being???

    Must try that cleaner stuff....

    Oh, and "Go the Storm!!!" :rofl:
  12. You must have looked tres :cool:

    So, what is this non-nod attitude? Please enlighten us, matey.
    And anyway, why didn't ya just go up to them and give 'em a dirty back? Red 250's are pretty tough, you understand.

    Doh! I thought that was de rigeur.