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What a great 'spur' of the moment ride

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by oohsam, Jul 6, 2008.

  1. Hey yall,
    Woke up Saturday not feelin right. Just needed some "me" time. So I jumped on the bike and rode. I had no idea where I was going and didn't care, just wanted some tranquility.. I live in berwick So i just headed up to the Cardina Reservoir...knew there was some peace up there somewhere.

    Got there, Kept riding, up to cockatoo, then headed for gembrook. My plan was no plan and was just to ride where ever the roads took me. Got to Gembrook and then I see this sign saying "Launching Place" and im like "WTF there is a place called Lanching Place?" So i decided to go....what a great idea.

    That road was the most amazing piece of road I have ever ridden on. Twisties and everything. I was a bit edgy because I didnt know the road, didnt know if the conditions were ok and I heard there is moss that makes the roads slippery this time of year, so I was just chillin, and relaxing. Great atmosphere, tall trees, real quiet....just a great place to be. Stopped on launching place road, and paid my respsects to a tree that was piled with flowers, and letters and photos of a kid who passed on that road obviously... Dirt bike rider...tree had a poster nailed to it "born to ride". I stopped and read some of the letters, and was on my way. Was a bit sad.

    I got to Launching place, and saw a fresh fruit market (real small) with a doughnut van. I had 2 of the best hot jam doughnuts I have ever had and a coffe which was disgusting, but had a yarn with an 80 year old block who runs the doughnut van. Great guy. Then I headed back to pakenham .....again, no plans, just following road signs.

    All in all, the ride was great, I was on my own, and really enjoyed myself, felt much better afterwards...had my "me" time and I was all healed...

    Saw heaps of bikers so it must be a known area. Then I realised that I wasin the Yarra valley and I must have been on the Black Spur...but was unsure....

    I google mapped my trip. Point A to Point B was my house to Launching place, and point B to Point C was the trip back....I would love to do this ride agian if anyone is keen drop me a msg.


  2. one of my favourite things about riding is just winging it. looking at a street you've never been down and thinking: today I'm gonna see whats at the end of that road and when you get there...just keep riding.

    otherwise we would pretty much just drive to the same 5 or so places all the time and never experience the rest of the world out there

    looks like ya had fun :biker:
  3. Yeah you're spot on. I will be winging it alot more of the time from now on. Its great. Just not knowing where you are going,...as long as u have a full tank of petrol and have enough brains to get urself home, its all gravy.
  4. hehe ... so you found the gembrook-launching place road ... tis a nice bit of track although a bit rough at times. Always good to wing it ... I find the biggest problem is I normally go out for short spurts and there really isn't anything that good within my local area ... not that I have found yet (except the two corners on high street just before the freeway ...)
  5. Yeah, its amazing how I didn't realize how close those great roads are to me....
    I'll keep exploring till I run out of roads to explore! There are so many options up that way, and so close...That would be one thing that would suck when ya live closer to the city I guess...
  6. The Gemsbrook-Launching Place road is also one of my faves, though the bumpy bit at the end was hell on the nads on the old bike... But it's usually very quiet, always beautiful and quite challenging if you push it a bit.

    It's not the Black Spur though! The Black Spur is the impeccably-surfaced bit of road between Healesville and Narbethong (You weren't too far away) and it's often quite busy and heavily policed. Still a magnificent bit of road and well worth the extra trip next time you're out that way.
  7. ahh...LoL...ok. I was a bit proud of myself thinking I did the black spur....maybe next time!
  8. As others have said when you are on your own just exploring is great, I have been on great roads, bad roads, terrible roads, well made tarmac to pot hole dirt by just taking the road less travelled. Always an adventure, always an experience.

    One of the great joys of motorcycling, to me anyway. :)
  9. Looks like a great ride. Thanks for pointing it out.
    Will put on my 'must do list'
    Stay upright!

    Are you doing the Iceicle run this month as well?

    Cam :wink:
  10. gembrook launcing place road is a fun road, except for a few sharp 90 degree corners that tend to get gravel...

    Just up from launching place is the reefton spur. definitely more technical and less popular then the black spur. Still, the most magical road in my memory is heading down the kinglake road with a setting winter sun, 20 odd degrees and chasing a 750 down the road.[/list][/u][/b]
  11. not a bad trip mate..

    how did the hyosung treat you????
  12. Thanks!
    The Hyo was fine on the trip. My bike has done me well actually. I've had no real major problems (touch wood), apart from the mirror cracking, which I hear is normal.
    Apart from that its good, and I ride it about 80kms every day. Just keep the chain lubed and constant maintence checks, and its sweet...

    Im not sure abou the iceicle run this month. I just signed up to the events calander and I will definatley be trying to make some of the rides....
  13. Looks like you had a great ride! Well Done
    I gotta try that route soon. Would've gone riding yesterday ( weather was great) but alas, Wife was giving the daughter a baby shower party, so Guess who got the job of rounding up the guys that tagged along and made ourselves scarce for a few hrs :cry:
  14. that's my local loop i do when i'm in the mood for a quick (sub 2 hour) ride.

    sounds like you had fun!
  15. hahaha "local loop"
    Whre the heck is skye?
  16. Sounds like u had a grate ride. :cool:
  17. And BEWARE!!! heading north-south on that road they are not signed! Almost did me in a couple of years ago, with my partner on the back!