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What a great day for a ride!

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by typhoon, Apr 7, 2007.

  1. Had a blast coming up the Clyde on the GTR faster and with more confidence that I've had before.
    I put it down to the new rear tyre, a huge improvement from the old. The guy at the bike shop suggested I go with the OEM tyre instead of a D 220, and he was right! The rear of the bike feels so much more planted, stable and forgiving. I didn't detect the slightest signs of loss of traction, and the cornering was much more precise.
    I've never rolled on so much throttle coming out of corners on this bike as I did with this rear tyre!
    This bike never fails to amaze me considering what it is. It has two personalities, below 6000 rpm, a lovely, tractible, sensible easily ridden tourer with oodles of torque, above 6000, like an overweight sports bike! Even with 85k kms, teh gearbox is slick and smooth, drivetrain is solid, no backlash etc. Seating position is a good compromise between BMW bolt upright and watermelon humping sports bike. Narrow bars and not too much rake/trail make the bike fairly nimble, countersteering with little effort.
    The bike really likes having the rear tyre loaded up, come into corners with the front loaded up or even neutral front to rear and the bike is just not happy, and neither will you be, as the bike feels a bit nervous and lines through corners get a bit weavy.
    If there is frame flex, I am not good enough to notice it, nor does it seem to matter.
    No matter what, it never does anything nasty, a very predictable, solid bike. You can roll off/on throttle mid corner and teh bike just settles back into line, no scary stepping out or radical line changes.
    I think the reason you feel confident pushing this bike on is that bumps and rough surfaces don't affect it mid corner as a much lighter bike.
    I'm not saying the bike is a sports bike, nor is it particularly fast compared to one, but it does a very good job for what it is. It could go a lot faster, but that will have to wait till I can go faster!
    Commuting on the bike, I sometimes lose sight of the bike's potential, and what fun riding can be............
    Anyway, the ride home made a bad day tolerable. :grin:

    Regards, Andrew.
  2. A GTR punting up the Clyde? :shock:. Now there's a thought to ponder :LOL:!!!

    Some bikes just seem to suit a particular tyre, don't they? I had a Z500 Kawasaki try to kill me once, for putting Pirelli Phantoms on it. I sold it, the buyer put standard Japanese rim protectors on it, and it was as sweet as pie; go figure :?: :roll: .
  3. :LOL: I nodded to some guy on a sportsbike when I was powering hard out of a left hand hairpin (yes, I can nod in a corner, I have a strange sense of balance from having gown up with a dodgey eye), he was just staring, I think he missed his turn in point! :LOL:
    The Cheng Shin on the front is just a fantastic tyre too, I dunno what it is, I had one on the Z as well and it was excellent. I suspect it's because the Cheng Shin has a large block type tread pattern, so squirms around a lot less than something like an Arrowmax, with it's much narrower, fine tread blocks. Being a heavy bike, it might make all the difference.

    Regards, Andrew