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What a Goose!!!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Petesul, Oct 17, 2015.

  1. Well, I'm a distance runner who has a heel spur, not really painful, but if I continue, I can just f**k things up. So I jumped on a pushbike to try to get the fitness going. Pushbikes just don't give me the hard work I sadistically crave. Ever ridden a pushbike when you:
    1. Hold the left lever in (rear brake) when you stop so you don't stall the pedal engine?
    2. Only get off the left side so you are on the stand side? This bike does not have a stand.
    3. Stay on the seat at traffic lights?
    4. Use the front brake carefully on gravel?
    5. Keep checking the non-existent mirrors?
    6. Check the non-existent speedo for the gear you are in (think the bike had 3 front and 9 rear cogs)
    7. Lube the chain when you get home? (And my ride is belt drive?)
    I'm a real goose, but can laugh at my shortcomings. At least I had a decent workout as the bike is a mountain bike.

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  2. Yep. Well, mostly anyway. Chain lube once a week and my beastie's a fixie so I've never needed to worry about gear position.

    Incidentally, if you want hard work, try a single-speed. None of this winding your way upwards with your legs whirring away at 6000rpm; just pedal harder and try to ignore the purple dots :D.
  3. Yeah I stopped that at the age of 12. Family jewels got bigger so things started turning into a creme brûlée each time I rode. No thanks since than. Have you tried rowing?
  4. Rode a single speed for years to high school and uni. Think that built up the running base fitness.
  5. I like the freedom of "outside the front gate is my gym". Rowing might be good but I need instant action. The pushie gives me that as running did.
  6. Thumbs up for not giving up petesul.
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  7. if you need sadistic then ride up and down mt donna buang a few times. do noojie to the top of baw baw and return, or do repeats of mast gully/ terrys ave / the wall or a crusafix type ride in mt dandenong.
    the biggest ride ive done so far is a warburton - reefton- marysville- lake mountain- reefton- mt donna buang ride. i thinks its nicknamed the devils double. apparently its a popular training ride for 3 peaks.
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  8. Well, just to help you out, if you lived a bit closer to Beecroft, I'd let you cut the grass round our house. :)

    BTW, isn't it masochistic?
  9. If you want real pushie pain with zero pleasure get a mag/wind trainer.
    Set the bastard to full resistance and try not to blow out your knees as you compress a 100km ride into 20kms....

    Not. Fun.
    Good training though.
  10. don't forget to spam the indicator cancel button ;)
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  11. Find a Cat 3 climb (or bigger) and go your hardest. Greg LeMond once said "riding never gets easier; you just go faster." Maybe you just haven't found a strong enough ride to challenge yourself.
  12. I jumped on my pushie for the first time in ages the other day. Yeah, I did pretty much all those things you stated.

    I haven't gone the fixie, rather a 6-speed. My low gear is much higher than most, and I rarely ride fast enough for the top gear. I really like it.
  13. The best thing about the ride? I didn't stall once.
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  14. I always wonder why pushbike riders don't fit mirrors to their rides.
  15. 'Cos given functional ears and the occasional head check it's really not hard to keep fairly accurate tabs on what's behind you without them under many circumstances. I can see an argument for fitting a right hand one if you regularly ride on particularly bike unfriendly roads, or are slow enough to be frequently overtaken by other pushies which are hard to hear, but otherwise they're not that necessary.
  16. I don't care where I have been.
  17. I have found myself looking for mirrors or cancelling indicators on my YZ450f when on a MX track especially at the end of the race when turning off the track
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