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What a fuel! - n00b alert

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Treffynnon, Oct 14, 2006.

  1. Pulled up to the servo to fill the bike up and for some reason (force of habit/training I guess) I turned the fuel tap to what I thought was off.

    Hopped back on and twisted the knob to where I thought was on. Got two klicks down the road and the bike started coughing and spluttering. I thought oh fcuk I am going to be towing or pushing this bugger home as it died when I drew to a halt.

    Faffed about trying to get it to fire back up again without much luck. Turning all the lights etc off to conserve the battery. Then I remembered the infernal fuel tap.

    Buggered about in the dark trying to ensure I had the on position. Then of course there was no fuel in the pump (does it have one?) and carbies so I sloshed the fuel tank around hoping gravity might aid me and cranked it over a few rotations at a time thinking if it has a mechanical fuel pump then it will need this to prime the carbies again. A few cranks later she spluttered back into life and I put about 100kms on the odometer that night. :grin:

    Anyway very long story short, reserve is not for cruising! :p :roll: